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Silent Trend 4 – Thanks But No Thanks

When I’m far behind you and you hold the door open for me, I have to run to the door. I hate that.

Silent Trend 3 – Politely Decline Please

At dinner with friends, when you ask me if I want the last piece, I say “No, go ahead,” but I really mean “Please say you don’t want it neither so I can eat it!”

Silent Trend 2 – Traffic Tricks

Every time I’m stuck in traffic, I try to get into the next lane because it’s going faster. Once I’m in it, the lane I WAS in now goes faster.

Silent Trend 1 – Lyrical Destruction

I’m loudly singing along to the song on the car radio & my friend changes the station. So now, everyone in the car knows I don’t really know the words.

I Answer To Food When Food Is Not The Answer

I don’t know why I do this to myself but I am constantly eating food just to eat. I’m not necessarily hungry per se, just want to eat. I just want to chew on something delicious & swallow it. Even when I’m full, I still want to eat!! What is my damn problem? It’s causing me to be overweight & I have yet to do anything about it.

I think I’m just bored. Because really, if I want to entertain myself, food is not the only solution….but it’s the only solution I LIKE!! I have a love hate relationship with food. No joke. When I go to restaurants, I want a taste of EVERYTHING!! Rachael Ray is living my dream life. How can I live her life? What steps can I take to get to that point? Looks like I will have to do some research.