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If I won the lottery, I’d…

1. Shit my pants
2. Pay off my car, credit cards, & student loans & the cruise
3. Buy a house for my mom & grandparents to live in
4. Get myself an apartment
5. Quit my job
6. Go to photography school
7. Buy camera equipment
8. Become a professional photographer
9. Enjoy life
10. Hire a personal trainer

Hey, a girl can dream.

Upside Down Diet

I got inspired hearing the story of this woman who was in a car accident who started eating her big meals in the mornings, small meals for lunch, and breakfast foods for dinner. Nothing new, but it’s worth a shot. She lost 127 lbs in 9 months. NINE!!! Wow. Don’t think I’ll have such luck but I’m crossing my fingers.

Yesterday, I had Ropa Vieja with rice & black beans for breakfast. This morning, it was fried rice, pork chops & a couple of shrimp dumplings. I feel a little bit sick. All this fat in my stomach is weighing heavy on me. I need to better plan my meals. Maybe I’ll start cooking the recipes from Rocco Dispirito’s new cookbook, “Now Eat This!” Unfortunately, everything costs money that I don’t have and who knows how long it will be before I can pay off my debts. The hardest part is staying home & not going out. Every time I go out, I have to spend money. At this rate, I’ll have to work 2 full time jobs just to sustain the lifestyle I am currently living. Or, I could better my education and just get a decent paying job.

According to craigslist, there are actors working as extras who make more money in a day than I do. Perhaps I’m in the wrong business. I signed up for the Stories High Acting Workshop again. Haven’t gotten onstage since 2007. I’m a bit frightened but I’m thinking the combination of facing my stage fright, increasing my education & switching careers is going to motivate my diet and my emotional health. Yeah, things will turn out allright. I believe in me.

[B]logging for Thinspiration

Excerpt from Project 180…

We all have one thing or another about our bodies that we are unhappy with. Somehow, even thin people have issues with their bodies. Weight is not always the issue. Some people are not happy because they are underweight, they have a boy’s hips, irregularly placed birthmarks, stretch marks, uneven chest, flabby arms, a lazy eye, thin hair, frizzy hair, hairy arms, stubby legs, cankles, outie belly button, big earlobes, and the list goes on.

The point is, no one is perfect. Just because a fat person is unhappy with their body does not mean that a thin person is happy with theirs. I think that’s a large misconception among overweight people who envy thinner individuals. Their issues may not be as noticeable but they definitely exist.

I remember speaking to a friend of mine who is thin as a churro and she complains about shopping just like fat people do. I was hesitant to believe her but when I thought twice about it, it’s true. She has trouble finding clothes that fit her just as much as an overweight person does because all the clothes she tries on are too big. They always make her look like she’s wearing a potato sack, which is just as unflattering as wearing clothes that make me look like a sausage. Now, I don’t want to wear clothes that make me look like food. I just want my clothes to fit my body the way it should, so I can look like a regular human being.”

Project 180 is a log I’m doing for a friend to give some inspiration for losing weight. I don’t know if it will work but we shall see what happens in 180 days. Today is the 3rd day so, 177 days to be exact. :0)

Buffet Spree

Yes, I ate this crap last night. Stop judging me.

Silent Trend 5 – Cycle of Buffet Destruction

I know my limit at the buffet…but I still overstep my boundaries…and then comes the inevitable regret…and then I do it again.

I Say Everyday


and I’m going to kick start it by going to a buffet tonight!

Yah, I’m going to lose in this battle.

Forthcoming photos after dinner…

Creative Playground Temporarily Closed

I wrote a short stage play 3 years ago and it went onstage 2 years ago. Now, I’m trying to adapt it to turn it into a short film. I thought this would be easy but it isn’t. I’ve been working on this for the greater part of the year and am not even close to being done. My creative mind often takes vacations & doesn’t leave me a return date. So I’m left with my practical mind to clean up the mess. I wonder if other writers go through these types of brain farts. In the meantime, here’s an excerpt:



Justin is practicing his standup comedy jokes on no one.

Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh. There he is. AAGGHH!! I’m going to throw up.

Let’s go say hi then.

What??! Okay. Okay. How’s my hair? Anything in my teeth? Look.

You’re GOOD! Come on.

Wait, what should I say?

Play hard to get, ignore him. Act like you have a life, like you’re too busy for him. Guys like girls who present a challenge.

A challenge. Got it.


Denine and Melia walk over to Justin.

Orgasmic Oysters

A couple of friends & I drove up to Tomales Bay over the weekend to check out the oyster shucking experience. Only $48 for a bag of 50, I believe. Me, I won’t even TOUCH those things. I was only present for moral support. I did hear a rumor that oysters were an aphrodisiac. Is that backed by science or is it an old wives’ tale? Doesn’t matter, I still won’t put it in my mouth. It’s the idea of something so slimy & dirty in my mouth that makes me cringe to the point where my toes curl, my heart takes a minute to restart, and my throat becomes parched for water because I can’t believe what I just tasted with my tongue.

Hmm, maybe it IS an aphrodisiac after all.

15 Seconds of Fame

I’m really enjoying being on the Royal Pains front page, as if being a Fan of the Week & winning a DVD wasn’t enough! I hope Paulo Costanzo saw me! I love him.

People usually say that if there’s anyone in the world they would want to meet right now, it’s always someone like Mother Theresa, the president, God, etc. Me, I’m going to be real. I’m not that deep. If there’s anyone in the world I would want to meet right now, it’s the Paulo Costanzo. I’ve loved him ever since I saw him in Road Trip in 2000. He’s so funny, talented, inspiring, & just all around beautiful. I’m so glad Royal Pains had cast him on the show. I just wish the show ran year round instead of every summer. Now where will I get my weekly Costanzo fix? I hope that someday, I WILL meet him. It would be such an honor & a pleasure. Until then, I’ll just admire him from afar through photos & seek him out on

Jackson Rathbone

I’ve decided to add another category. Since I’m aspiring to be a photographer, I’m going to begin posting photos I like whenever I go out to practice. My very first practice shoot was, of course, the 100 Monkeys show on 7/25/10. Here is my favorite pic, which is such the beautiful subject, Jackson Rathbone.

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