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[B]logging for Thinspiration

Excerpt from Project 180…

We all have one thing or another about our bodies that we are unhappy with. Somehow, even thin people have issues with their bodies. Weight is not always the issue. Some people are not happy because they are underweight, they have a boy’s hips, irregularly placed birthmarks, stretch marks, uneven chest, flabby arms, a lazy eye, thin hair, frizzy hair, hairy arms, stubby legs, cankles, outie belly button, big earlobes, and the list goes on.

The point is, no one is perfect. Just because a fat person is unhappy with their body does not mean that a thin person is happy with theirs. I think that’s a large misconception among overweight people who envy thinner individuals. Their issues may not be as noticeable but they definitely exist.

I remember speaking to a friend of mine who is thin as a churro and she complains about shopping just like fat people do. I was hesitant to believe her but when I thought twice about it, it’s true. She has trouble finding clothes that fit her just as much as an overweight person does because all the clothes she tries on are too big. They always make her look like she’s wearing a potato sack, which is just as unflattering as wearing clothes that make me look like a sausage. Now, I don’t want to wear clothes that make me look like food. I just want my clothes to fit my body the way it should, so I can look like a regular human being.”

Project 180 is a log I’m doing for a friend to give some inspiration for losing weight. I don’t know if it will work but we shall see what happens in 180 days. Today is the 3rd day so, 177 days to be exact. :0)