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If you didn’t know me, you would think I was the sensible type to have my priorities straight. I think humanity’s top priorities are family, love, happiness, & wealth. 

For me, my top priority is happiness. What is that saying? Money can’t buy happiness? Well actually, I think it can. Without money, how do people afford the things they want to do to make them happy? Which brings me to this: should I quit my job? 

After 10 long years, I’ve finally found the chance to see Paulo Costanzo in the flesh. Unfortunately, it’s on a Monday & it’s in LA. While a normal job would allow me to take off any time, my job requires me to be there at the critical times of the holidays. I can’t pass up this opportunity. I won’t. However, since I can’t get an approval to take a couple of days off, I’m on the verge of quitting. I’ve already contacted my recruiter & let him know I’m looking. 

My crazy heart. It’s not that I want to quit over this event, it’s just that I haven’t been happy at this job for a very long time now. I don’t really think I can afford to keep the job since it doesn’t pay me enough. I know I’m worth a lot more. I love projects. The mundane world of routine tasks doesn’t cut it for me. Creativity has no place in this position. I’d rather be a starving artist with an unpredictable future than a routine paper pusher with nowhere to grow.

Hmm, the thought of quitting my job makes me giddy. I feel freedom lurking. The film industry is peeking my interest. Can I just have my own production company & just live off my happiness for a change? What a big step. Scary step. Necessary step. Question is, will I go up? Or down? 

Creative Playground Reopening

Watched “The Kids Are All Right” last night & had an epiphany!! I now know how to end my screenplay!! FINALLY!! Creative playground has now been reopened!! Time to film it!

South Beach Beginnings

Recently, I came across some good reviews of the new “South Beach Diet Super Quick Cookbook.” The reviewers made it sound so good, I searched for the nearest open-on-Sunday library to borrow the book no matter how many miles away it was. I ended up finding it at a San Francisco library that wasn’t open until 1 pm (???) and picked it up there. Whoever heard of someone being excited to go to the library?

Anyway, I haven’t looked through the whole book yet but so far, they’ve given some pretty good budget-conscious shopping tips. Mainly, 1) shop at ethnic grocery stores for cheaper produce & specialty meats & condiments, & 2) go to farmer’s markets near the end of their hours because they usually slash prices so that they don’t have to drag as much stuff home. Those are my favorite tips. The first one I’ve always known about but the second one was new to me since I rarely shop at farmer’s market. Maybe this is a good time to develop new habits.

It’s pretty premature of me to hope that this new book is the answer to my prayers but I’m pretty confident in it, as I always am in the beginning stages of a new diet. Aren’t we all? People cannot honestly commit to a diet with a pessimistic view of it & actually expect to succeed, right? In one month, let’s see how much progress it has given me. I’ll be sure to let you know. :0)

Weight Loss Challenge Day 3

I got on the scale this morning and I’ve gained 2 pounds!! Eff my metabolism! I even went to the gym last night AND the night before!! Could I really have gained all this muscle in two measly workouts? I think not. I probably just need to take a shet.

Anyway, I’m trying to eat healthy but I can’t decide which diet plan I want to forge through. At the top of my list is, of course, South Beach. But giving up bread, rice & pasta for 2 whole weeks?? Carboholic suicide. Then again, if I want to win this challenge, I’ll just have to suck it up like a real fat-loser. Seriously, I’ve been dieting for 65% of my life. You’d think I would be able to do this right by now. I have the instructions. Why don’t I just fuckin follow them?

Follow them, Ava!! GAWD!


gym: at least 4 times a week
fish: at least 2 times a week
carbs: low carb
meat: low meat consumption
protein: reenter the tofu
vegetables: at every meal
fruits: at least 2 times a day
colors: eat all colors of fruits/vegetables

Just fuckin do it, dammit.

Creativity Is Not My Forté

I have ideas for titles of pieces, but not the actual script. Crap. I’m working backwards in a world where left is right and right is wrong.

I Kissed a Girl

I dreamt I kissed my crush if I were a lesbian at this really good Chinese restaurant. When I told my best gay friend about it, he asked me if I could put him down for a table for him, his boyfriend & his dog.

Fuck you, dude! Here, your number is 26.

Weight Loss Challenge Day 1

Today officially begins my competition with a friend towards weight loss. Project 180 was NOT working. The deadline is 4/15/11 and whomever loses the highest percentage of our current weight by that date will win.

I’m not too sure what course of action I should take yet but I will definitely need to hit the gym as much as possible. I’m not exactly the most competitive person you’ll ever meet…actually, I’m the most uncompetitive person you’ll ever meet, but I want this more than ever. I had to find motivation somehow so hopefully, this will be it.

If I win, the loser has to activate an E-Harmony profile for herself. If she wins, I have to go on vacation with her to Hawaii or Costa Rica (even though I don’t want to go). Hmm, I’m not sure the terms sound very fair but either way, it’s just a friendly competition to partake in. I sure hope I win. I do NOT want to spend money to go anywhere!!

Wish me luck!

On your mark, get set, GO!

8 Months & Counting the lbs.

Reading weight loss success stories

1) depresses me because I’m wondering why I can’t do it
2) motivates me because I think I CAN do it
3) bore me because I can find anyone who did a plan that my weak willpower likes
4) drive me because I have a boat to hop on in 8 months!!! HOLY UNDERWEAR!!

I’d best get crackin.

Tomorrow is a new day. Thus begins my 8 month fitness regimen.