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Weight Loss Challenge Day 1

Today officially begins my competition with a friend towards weight loss. Project 180 was NOT working. The deadline is 4/15/11 and whomever loses the highest percentage of our current weight by that date will win.

I’m not too sure what course of action I should take yet but I will definitely need to hit the gym as much as possible. I’m not exactly the most competitive person you’ll ever meet…actually, I’m the most uncompetitive person you’ll ever meet, but I want this more than ever. I had to find motivation somehow so hopefully, this will be it.

If I win, the loser has to activate an E-Harmony profile for herself. If she wins, I have to go on vacation with her to Hawaii or Costa Rica (even though I don’t want to go). Hmm, I’m not sure the terms sound very fair but either way, it’s just a friendly competition to partake in. I sure hope I win. I do NOT want to spend money to go anywhere!!

Wish me luck!

On your mark, get set, GO!