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If you didn’t know me, you would think I was the sensible type to have my priorities straight. I think humanity’s top priorities are family, love, happiness, & wealth. 

For me, my top priority is happiness. What is that saying? Money can’t buy happiness? Well actually, I think it can. Without money, how do people afford the things they want to do to make them happy? Which brings me to this: should I quit my job? 

After 10 long years, I’ve finally found the chance to see Paulo Costanzo in the flesh. Unfortunately, it’s on a Monday & it’s in LA. While a normal job would allow me to take off any time, my job requires me to be there at the critical times of the holidays. I can’t pass up this opportunity. I won’t. However, since I can’t get an approval to take a couple of days off, I’m on the verge of quitting. I’ve already contacted my recruiter & let him know I’m looking. 

My crazy heart. It’s not that I want to quit over this event, it’s just that I haven’t been happy at this job for a very long time now. I don’t really think I can afford to keep the job since it doesn’t pay me enough. I know I’m worth a lot more. I love projects. The mundane world of routine tasks doesn’t cut it for me. Creativity has no place in this position. I’d rather be a starving artist with an unpredictable future than a routine paper pusher with nowhere to grow.

Hmm, the thought of quitting my job makes me giddy. I feel freedom lurking. The film industry is peeking my interest. Can I just have my own production company & just live off my happiness for a change? What a big step. Scary step. Necessary step. Question is, will I go up? Or down?