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Celebrity Encounters

I tried to upload a video for Joey McIntyre’s show on Thursday but alas, I’d have to pay for this blog account to do that. So, instead, I’ll just link it:

Cover Girl” & “One Night” was all I got before security stopped me…well, and a little bit of “Time After Time“.

I wish I could have gotten more but I didn’t get there until 9:30 pm because I had class. But it’s cool, I didn’t waste any money since I got on the guestlist and I still got to learn everything I wanted to learn in class. I caught about 3-4 songs I think. Soooo glad I didn’t miss Cover Girl. That would have really made me sad since it’s one of my favorite songs from him. His version is so good. :0) I often fantasized about slow dancing with Donnie Wahlberg while Joe sings that song. *swoon*

Afterwards, while I did drive down the alley of the back of the venue, there were a bunch of girls there. I guess Joe was there, I don’t know. I’m no longer…actually, I’ve never been that crazy fan who would go following them in my car. I put myself in their shoes and think, “How would I feel if people were following me while I drive?” I think, no I KNOW I would not like it. I know because people have tried following me to take a picture of my license plate & my initial reaction is to gun it and lose them. I know some celebs don’t mind but I’m not one to take the chance on finding out which type of celeb they are–to each their own.

I do recall trying to see if I could find Donnie Wahlberg after a concert one time. My friends and I waited after the show to see if we could see the buses leaving. After awhile, we decided to leave but then my friend’s friend called her and told her where Donnie was at–some IHOP or something. We didn’t know which one so we just decided to forget about it. As we drove, we saw an exit of the street name that we were given so we exited, not knowing where we were going. And just when we were going to go home, we spotted the diner and went into the parking lot.

We sat in my car in the parking lot and spotted Donnie in the window booth. As much as I wanted to go in, I decided not to. I didn’t want to bother him. He was eating and that was his personal time. Donnie can’t be “on” ALL the time and I was satisfied because I’ve always just wanted to know if it was possible for someone like me to find him–and we did. :0)

The next time I saw Donnie in a 5*, I told him about that and how I was just trying to respect him by leaving him alone. Then he got all mad at me that I DIDN’T come in because he had told us a million times about wanting facetime with the fans. So basically, by respecting him, I was disrespecting him. In Alanis Morissette’s famous words, “Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?” Although I have to say, I doubt Donnie actually really cares. He’s probably just being “on.” Either way, it was nice to hear. I’m just going to pretend that he really wanted me there. Still a sweetheart.

Motivated –> Succeed

Began my new diet since Tuesday this past week and so far, I’ve lost 8 lbs. Woo hoo!! I look in the mirror but I don’t really see any difference. However, I bet if I took a photo of myself, compared the +8 lbs me to the -8 lbs, I would notice some little things I never noticed before. I have to say, my biggest motivational factor right now is the fact that I will be seeing my favorite actor in exactly 22 days. If I can continue on this path until then, hopefully, I will be at a happier weight and my confidence will allow me to be more relaxed when I see him in person for the first time. Just thinking about that day makes me smile so hard my cheeks can balance an apple by my eye.

I’m still getting over my flu this weekend so yesterday, I decided to watch Paulo Costanzo movies to entertain myself. One thing I noticed was that Paulo has a crooked smile sometimes, just like my 2nd favorite actor, Jackson Rathbone!! Except the difference is that Jackson crookedly smiles on his left but Paulo crookedly smiles on his right. Haha! Yeah, it’s really bad when you notice little things like that, but that’s just how passionate I am about him. This is the youthful crazed childhood side of me coming out to play while the mature, responsible adult in me takes a break from life.

It seems the key to dieting success is to love what you are eating. In the beginning, I hated my food. I thought it was disgusting and pondered just how long it would take for me to fall off the wagon. I was eating boiled chicken breasts and cherry tomatoes right out of the plastic container. It was horrific. As I learned more about what foods I could eat, I started to turn my wheels and created food that I DID like and it has helped me to stay on it these past few days without worry.

I still yearn for a piece of cake here & there but when I think about seeing Paulo with a new body on me, it keeps me from breaking my rules and I am content to be without. I just keep thinking I WILL have it again someday, but today is not that day. I’m so happy that I finally found a motivation that works. Of course it won’t work for everyone because not everyone has a celebrity they are passionate about–but I find that there is always something that works for everyone, depending on what drives that someone to smile hard.

Project Simprovise

Started this new diet on Sunday & guess what? Lost 5 lbs so far! As awesome as awesome can get. I am a bit hungry so I should probably make this quick. 

Recently, I’ve decided to start something I called Project Simprovise. I want to simplify my life by getting rid of things I don’t need or use anymore. I’m sure my friends or their friends might have a use for it. So, instead of passing it around to strangers on freecycle, I thought I’d offer it up to my networks first.

So I started typing out a list of all the books I had selling on I then realized it wasn’t worth it to keep them listed & deleted them all. I started writing out a Note on Facebook & was having a sort of giveaway. Then, I grabbed my camera & started taking  photos of every book. Then, I began taking photos of things I had that I was willing to give up. Society is funny. When you sell things, no one wants to buy, but when you give them away, they suddenly want to pay you. This, along with Jonathan R. Knight of New Kids on the Block, inspired me to set up a donation button for 
The Trevor Project. Regardless of whether my friends donate or ot, that is a reflection of them & not me. If it doesn’t work, hey, at least I tried. In the meantime, I got plenty of pictures to take. :0)

3 Notations

1. I am dumbfounded, floored, shocked beyond belief. My boss approved my vacation days so I don’t have to worry about not being able to see Paulo!! Yes, I was going to quit as a last resort but in the end, I know I would have regretted that.

Sigh…what a relief. Now, all I can think about is dieting & what I’m going to wear. Which brings me to my second change-my diet.

2. A friend of mine recently tried a diet I actually have never heard of. I would write it on here but since I’m in a competition with my BFF for weight loss, I’d rather not expose myself until I find out that it actually works for me. It sounds a bit gimmicky because it declares rapid weight loss but if you read all the reviews, how it works, and success stories, it sounds pretty legit! I know my fat, diet-obsessed ass has said to have tried it all but this one, I seriously have never heard of and have high hopes for it because I really want to wear something nice when I go see Paulo. I honestly can not stop thinking about it. I CAN’T!! I’ve even fantasized about a Q&A session where I get to ask Paulo if he would still consider participating in low-budget independent film projects, something I might embark on in the future-which brings me to my next note-screenwriting.

3. I was at the bookstore last night and while looking for another monologue book, I came across a screenwriting section. I started flipping through the books and reading up on the world of screenwriting. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this but I really love writing scripts. Perhaps there may be a place for me in this world after all. We shall see. :0)

P.S. Wasn’t it nice that I didn’t mention anything about some crazy new crush? I must be too distracted.