Project Simprovise

Started this new diet on Sunday & guess what? Lost 5 lbs so far! As awesome as awesome can get. I am a bit hungry so I should probably make this quick. 

Recently, I’ve decided to start something I called Project Simprovise. I want to simplify my life by getting rid of things I don’t need or use anymore. I’m sure my friends or their friends might have a use for it. So, instead of passing it around to strangers on freecycle, I thought I’d offer it up to my networks first.

So I started typing out a list of all the books I had selling on I then realized it wasn’t worth it to keep them listed & deleted them all. I started writing out a Note on Facebook & was having a sort of giveaway. Then, I grabbed my camera & started taking  photos of every book. Then, I began taking photos of things I had that I was willing to give up. Society is funny. When you sell things, no one wants to buy, but when you give them away, they suddenly want to pay you. This, along with Jonathan R. Knight of New Kids on the Block, inspired me to set up a donation button for 
The Trevor Project. Regardless of whether my friends donate or ot, that is a reflection of them & not me. If it doesn’t work, hey, at least I tried. In the meantime, I got plenty of pictures to take. :0)

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