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Will Friedle is LOL

In 1993, a show called Boy Meets World hit the prime time channel as a family-oriented show with good promises of comedy, fun & a lesson to be learned. Well, the only lesson I learned was that I needed some self-control! The first time I laid eyes on Will Friedle, I was an instant fan of the Wi–the show! The Will. The Will Friedle. Yup. I can’t hide it, I never did. I grew up with a photo of his on my wall and a poster of him in my binder. Why is it that I seem to be drawn towards guys who look like they would look good as a woman? Hahaha!!! I don’t mean that as an insult, but rather that they are some pretty pretty boys to me.

I’d really like to meet him someday. How, I have no idea but I’ll figure it out. I had lost track of him over the years and have only recently rekindled my teenage self after watching youtube videos of Boy Meets World and laughing my ass off at Eric’s (Will’s character) antics. His comedic timing is impeccable and he really steals the show at times, especially in the later seasons. These days, he has retired from on camera work (cue the tears) and is now a big name in the world of voiceover acting. He’s the voice behind cartoons such as Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond and Ron Stoppable from Kim Possible. This was just a couple of years ago when he did these shows. Unfortunately, a couple of years ago, I was distracted by 5 other boys from Boston. I guess I’ll have to make up for lost time. Man, I’m such a child for having crushes still. It’s time I just get myself into a relationship already. Ummm…yeah. I have better things to do.

Love you, Will!! Thank you for making me laugh & stealing my heart. Hope to meet you one day. Love the goatee!!

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Designing My Life

Okay, truthfully, I had no idea how much work it is to design a website!! I’m only in the very beginning stages of what I want to design but I don’t even know where to start!! Just putting ideas from pen to paper right now and it’s all very exciting for me. I think I’ll sign up for a class or something so that I can have some idea of where to begin. I don’t want to waste any time doing something I don’t need to be doing or going in the wrong direction. There are so many websites out there and I tried and tried and tried to look for one similar to what I had in mind but it does not exist. That’s yay!! Hopefully, it is not already in the works by someone else.

Subject change:

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. My best memory of Christmas as a child is the lighting of the tree in the corner of our living room when I was a kid. It stayed lit throughout the night and whenever I needed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, somehow, the lights gave me comfort. Who likes to walk around in the dark? Not me. I was never really big on asking for presents but whenever I did receive one, I always treated it with value & care because it made me feel like someone loved me enough to think of me. As I got older, I began giving gifts for Christmas to all my friends & family. Unfortunately, as time passed, bills grew & grew and my Christmas fund, along with my Christmas spirit, diminished & disappeared.

I think the exact moment I lost my Christmas spirit was 1999. I found out my parents were separated and my boyfriend & I broke up at the same time. What a horrible Christmas that year turned out to be. It took me 1 year to get over my boyfriend but 10 years to get over my parents. I can now finally look at my dad without feeling pain or anger. While the love for my dad returned, my Xmas spirit never did. So I always felt guilty whenever people gave me gifts or cards, but I didn’t want to pretend neither. I no longer celebrate Xmas because I don’t know how to rejuvenate those feelings I used to have as a kid and I’m not sure I want to. Wow, I’m a total scrooge! Or maybe this wound takes more than 10 years to heal, you never know what might happen. Maybe if I had more money, then I could actually enjoy giving gifts & sending cards to people. But instead, I’m struggling in the red & anxiously waiting for Xmas to pass already. Maybe if I can get this website up and running, it might help me to generate some money someday and I can finally quit my job and redesign how I want to live my life.

My BFF’s favorite holiday is Xmas. What’s MY favorite holiday?
Friday. Payday. Go figure.


I want to go to New York for New Year’s Eve but flights are INSANE!!! This would have been the PERFECT excuse! Of course, my BFF would have killed me if I wasn’t with her on her birthday. Ok, plan is dead. No NYC on BFF’s BDAY. She wants to go to Comi-Con. Ok well, uhhh…don’t get mad if I go chasing after Jackson Rathbone. :0)

More (or less) Than Friends

Have you ever been in love with a good friend? It sucks because you can’t really say anything because if you do, you risk the chance of making things awkward but if you don’t, you never know if it will be awkward or awesome. The last time I told my friend I was in love with him, he was already married. I wasn’t in love with him any longer at the time but it was nice to finally be able to tell him how I felt, freely & honestly. I remember crying incessantly in front of him because I was so upset that he couldn’t see that we should have been the ones getting married. I remember him having no idea why I was crying because most of the time, guys are completely clueless. It wasn’t until a year later that I finally told him why I was crying. It’s just sad that I had to wait until I was over him to finally tell him. Of course by then, it was already too late. Now, we barely even talk anymore. How bout that, an actual true moment of “I Love You Came Too Late”. Thanks for that Joey McInytre. How about next time this happens, I just stake my claim on the guy & propose? Think that’s a good idea? :0P

My Protective Heart:
No, I don’t think that’s a good idea. In fact, that’s a horrible idea. If we did that, we would expose ourselves to hurt, rejection, possibly a broken me. Let’s NOT say ANYTHING and just admire from afar. That way, we are safe.

My Crazy Heart:
Ooooohhhh, do it!! Tell him! Let’s see what happens! It doesn’t matter what he says, at least you got it out of your system and you won’t have to wonder about What If…

Inspired To Be

As I was having a conversation last night with an old college friend, I pitched him an idea I had for a website and he told me he thought it was a great idea. He even joked around about “borrowing” the idea himself and appearing on Oprah next year. I’ve actually had this idea for a very long time but I never actually thought about pursuing it to fruition.

Today, I think I will actually begin to try and make it happen. I have a dream to live a happy life where I don’t have to to worry about money and I am hoping that this idea could take me there. I am inspired by the famous quote by Eleanor Roosevelt–“Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” It’s one reason why I do not like to participate in discussing the good or bad habits/characteristics/actions of others. I’d rather talk about creative ideas that will advance my life forward rather than talking about others, making me a “shit talker”. How is THAT going to do me any good? How is that going to move me forward? How is that going to benefit me? It certainly won’t.

I need to write out my ideas for my website. I love the organic process on the growth of new ideas. So many possibilities. The idea of pulling together what I love to do and making it my life is the most appealing life I’d love to have. I just want to be proud of my work and proud of how I’m choosing to live my life.

A professor of mine once taught me that the wealthiest life you can live is measured not by how much money you have, but by the quality of the relationships surrounding you. He is very right about that. Thanks Professor B. You inspire me to be a higher me.

Thomas Nicholas Band (TNB)

Went to a TNB show last night at Blake’s On Telegraph and had a blast! I’ve never seen Thomas Ian Nicholas perform music before. I have to say, he had a spectacular voice!! His style is very “Springsteen,” as one of my friends had put it. We were able to meet him and it’s so nice to see how down-to-earth he is.

He sang about 6 or 7 songs, I think. He did a couple of cover songs, Muse’s “Uprising” and Tom Petty’s “Free Falling.” He also satisfied a request my friend made to play New Kids On The Block. That was a bit of a surprise to me!! He and a drummer from another band played a little bit of “The Right Stuff.” He was such a good sport, so cute. I’d love to see him perform again, or even watch one of his movies. I guess I should rent something he’s been in but I’m not sure I can handle an American Pie marathon. He did mention they’re thinking of doing another one. I’d watch that but I’d love to watch an independent film as well.

Anyway, took a photo with him, which I will upload later. I wish all celebrities were as laid back and humble as he was. I have yet to meet any who were snobs to me. I guess you just have to feel out their vibes before approaching them. Thanks for being so cool, Thomas. Looking forward to seeing you again.

If you’d like to check out his music, his website is He is also on twitter @tinband.

Don’t Wake Me

I LOVE dreams. I dreamt that I lived with Jackson Rathbone. That guy is a cutie, although I’d never date him or anything. Maybe just hang out. I dreamt that we were roommates & I watched him get ready for a date. No jealousy, just admiration. As much as I love Jackson though, I still would not pay $75 to take a photo with him. Paulo yes, Jackson no. Why? Well, I’d just rather try to get one for free. I NEED that $75!

I’ve decided to forego on my NKOTB concerts and save money to go see 100 Monkeys. Granted they aren’t that expensive but I really don’t need to be seeing NKOTB as many times as I did in 2008 anyway. I tried to count up the number of shows I’ve gone to in my head but I’ve lost count. Insane! Meanwhile, I think I’d rather spend my money practically and save up some for living expenses. For all those going to multiple NKOTB shows, I’m super excited for them!! There’s nothing like a live show. The euphoria of being surrounded by thousands of people with one love in common is indescribable. I’ll never forget those good times and I am excited to experience it yet once again.

Avocado Sprouting Experiment

(Warning: Very boring blog up ahead)

On a whim, I bought a new point & shoot camera and decided to try it out on my avocado seed. I had been sprouting an avocado seed since sometime in September I believe and it actually sprouted!! I tried it when I was younger and nothing happened but I’m so so proud of this! Yeah, the smallest things make me smile. :0) Unfortunately, I read somewhere that this tree will never grow avocados unless I graft it with a fruited tree. What does that mean???!! I have to make them make love to each other? I have no green thumb nor am I well-versed in the art of horticulture but to me, that sounds like I have to do some cross-insemination of some sort. Doesn’t matter though because I only started this project because I was curious whether it would grow or not, and it did.