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Avocado Sprouting Experiment

(Warning: Very boring blog up ahead)

On a whim, I bought a new point & shoot camera and decided to try it out on my avocado seed. I had been sprouting an avocado seed since sometime in September I believe and it actually sprouted!! I tried it when I was younger and nothing happened but I’m so so proud of this! Yeah, the smallest things make me smile. :0) Unfortunately, I read somewhere that this tree will never grow avocados unless I graft it with a fruited tree. What does that mean???!! I have to make them make love to each other? I have no green thumb nor am I well-versed in the art of horticulture but to me, that sounds like I have to do some cross-insemination of some sort. Doesn’t matter though because I only started this project because I was curious whether it would grow or not, and it did.