Inspired To Be

As I was having a conversation last night with an old college friend, I pitched him an idea I had for a website and he told me he thought it was a great idea. He even joked around about “borrowing” the idea himself and appearing on Oprah next year. I’ve actually had this idea for a very long time but I never actually thought about pursuing it to fruition.

Today, I think I will actually begin to try and make it happen. I have a dream to live a happy life where I don’t have to to worry about money and I am hoping that this idea could take me there. I am inspired by the famous quote by Eleanor Roosevelt–“Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” It’s one reason why I do not like to participate in discussing the good or bad habits/characteristics/actions of others. I’d rather talk about creative ideas that will advance my life forward rather than talking about others, making me a “shit talker”. How is THAT going to do me any good? How is that going to move me forward? How is that going to benefit me? It certainly won’t.

I need to write out my ideas for my website. I love the organic process on the growth of new ideas. So many possibilities. The idea of pulling together what I love to do and making it my life is the most appealing life I’d love to have. I just want to be proud of my work and proud of how I’m choosing to live my life.

A professor of mine once taught me that the wealthiest life you can live is measured not by how much money you have, but by the quality of the relationships surrounding you. He is very right about that. Thanks Professor B. You inspire me to be a higher me.

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