I decided to go to the police that night. Got the incident documented & the police took the camera. The policeman called me a “victim of crime.” I’ve been called many things but never a victim. It hit home. I am feeling a whirlwind of emotions. Could not concentrate at work yesterday. Finally, I decided to file a restraining order & I went to do just that today. I took half the day off work just to do this. Now who’s going to pay me for my work loss?

I haven’t even been home since the incident. I am afraid he will be there. Who knows where else there is a camera streaming? Who knows how long this has been going on? Does he think texting me a lame apology is going to right his wrongs? I am emotionally distressed. Every time I see a blue minivan, I freak out that it might be him. 

The restraining order does not say he has to stay so-and-so yards away from me, just that he cannot hit me, follow me, block me, contact me, try to find out my addresses, numbers, etc. How awkward is this, he can live with me but I have a restraining order against him? 

Anyway, my hearing is in 3 weeks. Right now, I have the daunting task of telling my mother. She’s going to be so sad.

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