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My friend got me a ticket to go to the Supernatural Convention yesterday. I didn’t want to do the Photo Op as it was $129(!!!) so I just did the general admission. It was nice to see Jared Padalecki in person again and to see Jensen Ackles in person for the first time! They look exactly the same as they do on TV. The last time I saw Jared in person was at the taping of Ellen in 2005 when Supernatural just started!!

To be honest, I only went hoping to see if Will Friedle might go to something like this. Is he a fan of the show? Who knows. I guess my chances of catching him at a convention would be more likely at a gaming convention or Comic-Con.

Jensen & Jared were so hilarious together. Here is a photo of them together. And some shots of them imitating some dances they do sometimes while filming.

Aren’t they handsome? We left after Jensen & Jared left the stage. My friend took a photo with Jensen and said “He was like an angel.” I’m so happy for her because as much as I love him, I’d have to say she loves him much more than I do. Maybe now she can understand how I feel whenever I see NKOTB in person. It’s like no other feeling in the world.

Overall, if another Supernatural convention were to come around, I think I would go as long as I had the money. I’d even take the photo with Jensen maybe. But then again, they didn’t seem too sure if Supernatural was going to have a 7th season so who knows?

Okay, just ONE more shot. Is it just me or does Jared look like Matt Damon in this shot?


My brother told me last night that my mom’s business partner finally moved out–just some clothes he needs to grab. I’m relieved. I still haven’t spoken to my mother yet since our argument two Fridays ago and I really do not know what to say to her. When I look back to reflect, I think the event was a blessing in disguise. I wanted my mother to see him for who he really is and it’s up to her to make a decision what kind of people she wants to keep in her life.

On Friday, my friend invited me out to dinner and it was the 1st time in awhile that I had been able to truly laugh. Mostly, I had been emotional eating, moping around, and declining invitations to go to events. Over the weekend, I spent some time with some high school friends, reminiscing about good times, how we met, and what we think our futures might look like. It felt really good to be able to laugh freely again and I appreciated that. Yesterday, one of my high school friends got me a ticket to the Supernatural Convention but I’ll write a separate post about that later. It’s so important to nurture the relationships with those around you. Without my friends, I don’t think I could have gotten through this ordeal. Whether it be a phone call, a text message, a meeting, facebook support, whatever, it all helped to soothe my aching soul.

All in all, I’m glad I finally get to go home without fear. This experience has shaped my trust in others. Good or bad, I’m not sure but I definitely know to be more cautious of the people that surround me. It isn’t easy trying to live a balanced life.