I Love Boy Meets World

For some reason, I can’t stop watching this.

My favorite Eric Matthews moments:

1:33 “Fe-he-he-heeny! OW!! Wa-w-w-wa-what-what?!! Oww!!”
2:49 “distinguished like a flickering flame…OWWww, that hot.”
4:52 Eric stuffs a slice of pizza in his mouth
9:49 “So in conclusion, watches, chocolate, cheese…ladies & gentleman, we give you, the Swiss.”

It’s not enough for me to just show you how funny these moments are but to say the least, Will Friedle delivers every line, every movement, every ad lib PERFECTLY. He’s so in tune with his character, I’m almost convinced that they could possibly be one and the same. His comedic timing is of utmost precision. I wish he did not retire from onscreen work. At the least, I would LOVE to see him at the SF Sketchfest. He would have brought the house down! Alas, I have little hope that I will ever be able to see Will on my television once again. If only he were on Twitter, Facebook, or some kind of social network out there, I would start a campaign to urge him back onscreen & let him know he is loved. I’m sure he has some sort of following that is missing the laughter he brought us so many years ago. Thank you Will, for making so many of us smile, then and especially now. We miss you.

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