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Boy Meets World – Season 5 Release!!

Maybe this is a little bit dorky but I’m so excited to hear that Lionsgate is releasing Boy Meets World – Season 5 on May 3rd!!! Ohhh…who am I kidding, I’m not embarrassed to be excited, I’m proud! I didn’t think it would happen but it is! Extras haven’t been announced but I sure wish some kind of commentary would be included, or even interviews or bloopers! Either way, I’m happy about it and I can’t wait to see Will Friedle’s face on TV again! I’m also excited to see Will’s favorite episode, “The Witches of Pennbrook”. I read it somewhere that he said that was his favorite episode to tape. And Candace Cameron guest stars in it! Another episode I want to see is “And Then There Was Shawn,” the Halloween episode where Will’s then-girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt guest stars as well!

Check out the cover art!