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Ahhh yes, St. Valentine’s Day, aka the day of love, aka Cupid’s busiest day, aka most romantic day of the year. For me, Valentine’s Day is aka my birthday, unfortunately. When I answer that question of when is my birthday, the usual response I get is an all-too-common “Awww…” The same kind of sigh you get when you see a new baby, or a cute stuffed animal at the toy store.

I don’t have anything against Valentine’s Day but I just wish it wasn’t the same day as my birthday. I don’t even really celebrate anymore unless someone else wants to celebrate it. Most common celebration is a meal, a nice gathering of friends to commemorate the fact that I am now on year older than the last. Every wrinkle, every new white hair, and every year being single is celebrated as an occasion to dismiss the past and look forward to the future.

Something fun that has been occurring every year on Valentine’s Day is the San Francisco Pillow Fight that happens every year at Justin Herman Plaza at 6 PM. It didn’t originate here as it happens in other cities, even other countries but I like that it came to San Francisco. It fits our profile so well. The organizers are anonymous and the city is mad about it but hey, if the only way you can find to release your single status on Valentine’s Day frustration is to smack some strangers with a pillow, I say do it.

Personally, I have never gone and I cannot go as I have class that night but it’s possible you might even meet someone you like down there. Then next year, you don’t have to release your single status frustration, you can celebrate your In a relationship status anniversary.

Here’s a photo of the madness that took place in 2009.

Rad, isn’t it? I love you, San Francisco. Have a good weekend!