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Sonoma County Restaurant Week

It’s Sonoma County Restaurant Week! They have 3 different prix fixe menus at $19, $29 or $39, with each restaurant offering their choice of price & menu and it ends on Monday 2/28 so you’d better hurry! I never knew there existed something like this outside of San Francisco; very similar to Dine About Town.

Every year, San Francisco restaurants participate in Dine About Town to get people to come try their food at a low cost, just to get patrons in the door. I believe it began as an upscale restaurant response to the recession 10 years ago. It is organized by the San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau. For Dine About Town, lunch is a 2 course meal at $17.95 or you can do a 3 course dinner at $34.95. The link for Dine About Town won’t work right now since it has passed but not to worry, Dine About Town should return in June as it used to be a month long event once a year but they have since divided it to be twice a year at a length of 2 weeks each time in January and June. I enjoyed Ruth’s Chris Steak House last month and it was delicious! I did not end up ordering from the Dine About Town menu because they had their own prix fixe menus to choose from that were sounded just as tempting.

It’s nice to know other counties are doing the same. Through Dine About Town, I’ve been given the chance to try places like Mecca (closed), House, Ana Mandara, Chouquet’s, Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion, Waterfront, Lark Creek Steak, and countless others I can’t remember off the top of my head right now. Ana Mandara is by far, my favorite. It’s so gorgeous inside, absolutely breathtaking. I’ll be fine dining at La Gare tonight. I don’t know what it is about fine dining that makes you feel a little more joyful, giving you an extra pep to your step. Doesn’t really matter what I’m even eating, just serve the betch! Hopefully, I won’t come crashing down on my heels.

Necessitol Spoof

I find the most random Will Friedle things. Check out this Necessitol Spoof he did with Matt Boyd. I love that he took part in writing it. It’s so his style. I’m not sure what this video was made for but if it were me, I would have done it either because A) it was funny, B) there was a competition, or C) I was inspired, which I definitely am. Makes me want to do one too!
Will’s got this Jesus look going on and it makes me giggle. I don’t know if he was in a relationship at the time but I would imagine her getting rugburn. Haha!

It also says that the voiceover is Will’s. To be honest, I didn’t even recognize the voice as his and if it really is his voice, I am thoroughly impressed!! His range amazes me. I still can’t believe it’s him even though the credits blatantly say it’s him. Was there a machine that changes his voice? I don’t know. Please, someone needs to hire this guy for a Pixar movie. He’s too damn talented to let it go to waste.