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My Life As Liz

I can’t, I won’t, I’ll NEVER stop watching this show! For once, ever since MTV stopped becoming Music Television and started putting on all these trashy TV shows, they’ve finally put on a GOOD SHOW! Everything happening on this show, it’s material I’ve always wanted to write about. And mind you, I rarely watch television so when I do, it must be a big deal if it actually appeals to me.

Yes, I know it’s a bit immature considering the age of the cast but I don’t care. They bring me back to high school, a time of good & bad memories. I have fallen in love with the storyline and to be honest, I’m not really sure if this show is real life or scripted…which blows my mind! I love it! Currently, Season 2 is playing on MTV each week and the way they’ve edited it always leaves me on a cliffhanger. I’m so involved!

Okay, just to play catch up to Season 2, Liz used to be friends with these blonde haired, cheerleader types who became very mean people to her all of a sudden. The ringleader of them is her arch-nemesis, Cori Cooper. She decided she didn’t want to be a part of the mean girls crew and wanted to hang out with her “nerd herd,” Sully, Troy, Miles & Cameron. In a film class homework assignment, she is forced to befriend Taylor, a barbie blonde Miss Popular type whom she prejudged as one of the mean girls, only to find out Taylor is actually pretty cool. Then she receives a Valentine flower gram from a “Secret Admirer” who asked her to meet him at the dance. She thought it might be Bryson, a cute boy in her class, but it was actually from Cori who mocked her during the whole dance for showing up.
Later in the semester, Liz ends up in the school talent show, competing against Cori. She’s afraid to go through with it but Bryson comes through and helps her by playing the guitar and being on stage with her and she blows the audience away with her amazing voice! All the while, Liz begins to fall for Bryson, only to find out after the talent show that Bryson has a girlfriend. In another episode, Liz goes to the prom and wants to go with Bryson since she heard he broke up with his girlfriend but she ends up going with Sully instead because Bryson had already planned on going with his ex pre-breakup and he didn’t want to be an asshole by ditching her.
Meanwhile, Liz applied to art school in New York and she gets in but she is wondering if she should stay in TX and be with Bryson but Bryson has never told Liz how he feels about her. At the end of Season 1, when Liz is leaving for New York, her friends come last minute to say goodbye to her but Bryson couldn’t make it in time. As she is driving away, Bryson rushes just in time to see their car pull away. The car stops and Bryson was finally able to confess to Liz that he thought she was pretty cool. Unfortunately, it’s too late to change anything because Liz still has to go to New York. They say goodbye and Liz leaves. They never got to kiss because their friends were cheering them on in the background and it was just too embarrassing.

Whew! That was a long one! This season only had 9 episodes. When it ended, someone said they couldn’t continue it because Liz went to New York. That made me think the lives of these individuals were real but how did they get the different shots? How did they get the events to work so well? Then it hit me. Editing. I guess if you can capture everything, you can create a storyline from reality. Brilliant. I really love this show and you can’t get better drama than real life, right?

Ok, time to watch the next episode. Check out the teaser for Season 2!

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