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Photoshoot Anxiety

I’ll be doing a photoshoot tomorrow. Of course, my skin decides to act up just days beforehand. I guess it’s from all the chocolate I ate at work. I always did say that I tend to sabotage myself, either consciously or subconsciously. It’s ok, it’s 2011 and we have photoshop now so I’ll be ok.
I had to find a men’s suit to wear and the only thing I could think of was to borrow one from my brother. My only fear was that it wouldn’t fit me because I’m probably bigger than he is. However, I had to try and so I went over to his place and asked to try on his suit. He gave me the biggest one he had and when I put it on, it was actually bigger than me! Color me dumbfounded. Then I asked him if he had one that was smaller. He did, it was one size lower so I put that one on and voila, a perfect fit. Imagine my excitement and realization that my weight loss efforts have not gone unrewarded. Now I don’t have to spend any money to buy a women’s suit. :0)
I don’t know how this photoshoot will turn out as I’ve never done one but I guess we shall find out when we get the proofs back. Not sure now to pose. Is that my job to know or the photographer’s? Oh Lord help me. If I take any more double photos, I’m going to cut it off with scissors. What a vision that would be. I wonder what supermodels did to get to where they are. Modeling school? Intern with an agency? Just stand on a corner in Hollywood looking pretty, hoping to catch a photographer’s attention? Yeah, I think that might catch some different attention actually.
Anyway, going to see Vagina Monologues tonight and grab some of that famous Papalote burrito I hear so much about. Hoping for some inspiration for my own pieces. My craving to write a short film and get into a festival is growing bigger & bigger by the day.