Successful Photoshoot

Photoshoot was a success!! I think. It lasted from 8:30 AM and ended around 3 PM. I had a great time. The photographers were very professional and made us all feel very at ease. We had two photographers and we would switch off to complete the shoot within our restricted space & time limits. There were two hair/makeup artists and they both did a fantastic job on all of us. I had a blast working with them. We also brought in a videographer to tape the shoot and do interviews for a promo and I hope the things I said were okay. Just thinking about the edit is making me anxious.

I just love the artist world and it’s sad that whenever budget cuts come rolling around, art is one of the first on the list to get cut. They don’t see how art contributes in shaping one’s future, building self-esteem, giving confidence, exploring one’s capabilities, teaching discipline, and forming useful skills that are applicable in all aspects of life including career, school, and in the home. Ok, tangent! Just a random rant.

Anyway, I was initially going to post some of the candids I took with my phone but then I realized it’s probably better to post them along with the actual photos instead, whenever we get to see the proofs. I’m very excited about all of this!

Right now, I’m trying to help in figuring out a website promo and the video promo. I have never ever done anything like this and it’s all so refreshing, I find. Learning so many things from my friends and getting opportunities to get creative is really feeding my hungry artistic soul and I am ever grateful.

No classes this week for spring break and I’m excited about Wordy Word on Wednesday. Better get crackin’ on my monologue! Here’s a quick pic of me at the photoshoot. The theme was the masculine look. Do I look masculine enough? *shrug*

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