Wondercon 2011

My first Wondercon experience! I was really disappointed to hear that Will Friedle wasn’t going to be at Wondercon so it didn’t bother me when my brother gave me assignments of things to get for him. I ended up standing in line after line after line. Story of my life! I bought the White Lantern Batman and the White Lantern Flash from Graphitti Designs, the Uncanny Xmen #534 comic book, and he also wanted anumbered limited edition Peanuts comic book that I had my other brother get for him as I was in the Esplanade all day. My feet were killing me.

While in the esplanade, I sat through Cowboys & Aliens, The Three Musketeers, Hanna, Priest, and Immortals. Here are some far away pics from the panels:

Cowboys & Aliens – Robert Orci(writer) & Jon Favreau(director)

The Three Musketeers – Luke Evans(actor) & Logan Lerman(actor)

Hanna – Joe Wright(director) & Saoirse Ronan(actress)

Priest – Min Woo Hyung(writer), Paul Bettany(actor), Lily Collins(actress), Cam Gigandet(actor), Scott Stewart(director)

Immortals – Henry Cavill(actor), Luke Evans(actor, Isabel Lucas(actress), Mark Canton(co-producer), Tarsem Singh(director), Kellan Lutz*

*Kellan was supposed to be on this panel but he was filming Breaking Dawn until 6 AM and got stuck in construction traffic so he missed his flight, per the moderator.

Overall, now that I’ve been to Wondercon, I am dreading the 10x as large madness that is Comic-con. :0S

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