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My First Taste of Video Editing

Got my first real taste of video editing on Final Cut Pro last night . Matt Abaya of I Don’t Care Films was nice enough to give me one-on-one lessons using the footage from our photoshoot. I have to admit, it reinforced my eagerness & drive to learn and move forward with pursuing more skills in filmmaking, both pre-production & post-production side of things. Hearing all about Blender, mapping dots, Adobe Premiere, rendering, b-rolls, DVCPro-HD format & much more, I realized I have a long & hard road ahead of me. However, I am willing to forge through it and get my own skills to where I want them to be.

Just like how I learned how to surf the web, all I have to do is just dive in and play with it. Using Final Cut Pro reminded me of the time I learned how to use Windows Moviemaker. Of course, Final Cut Pro is just 10 times more advanced than Moviemaker. Matt showed me how to transfer footage to the computer, change its format, and begin to edit footage. While he cooked his dinner, I was left to dive in and cut the footage for our PMSTA promo. I learned how to cut the video and insert them over audio from other footage. It was such a basic move but I was completely fascinated by it!! Of course that led me to ask a million more questions and want to learn even more!

In the end, we completed only about maybe 30 seconds of footage or less, but it made me realized how much work it can be if you don’t know what you’re doing. Learning Moviemaker took countless hours of trying to figure out what functions work, how and what they do, and what the program is capable of doing & not doing. I feel like Final Cut Pro is a program that probably doesn’t have limits within my imagination, as if whatever I need it to do, somehow, it probably can do it. Or perhaps Adobe Premiere is the way to go since I’m more of a PC than a Mac person. Will they ever merge to become one & the same? I doubt that. Ah well, in the meantime, we will just have to double our skills, become ambidextrous in trying to be “Pac” rather than just PC or just Mac. I love artistry. :0)