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Back to School?

A friend of mine recently told me about wanting to get her MFA and that idea came into my head. What would I do with an MFA? What could it do for me? Besides, there’s probably no MFA in what I want to do, which is screenwriting.

Last night, a student raised his hand in my screenwriting class and asked about how to get into the business of writing for television. One method my teacher mentioned was to get an MFA in Screenwriting, which is offered at CSU Northridge.

Hmm. Kismet.

So I got to thinking, is this something I want to pursue? Isn’t it a bit late in life to be changing my mind? What a dream it would be to have a Master’s Degree under my belt. I’ve always believed in higher education. I did some research today on the cost to get this degree if I attended 2 classes per semester. It takes a total of 30 units to get this degree and if I took 6 units per semester & the cost of tuition remained at $2,254 at max 6 units, that means I would be spending a total of $11,270 plus housing, food, entertainment, necessities, & gas. Not to mention any bills I have to pay. Geez. The price tag is a bit high for someone like me. So I started looking into alternatives.

My teacher also mentions script festivals, contests, fellowships, etc. but none of them really gave me the satisfaction of knowing I’ll have tangible proof of some sort of achievement that a Master’s Degree will. Plus, it would be nice to see what it’s like to live in Southern California for awhile. I’ve always enjoyed those Venice Beach bike rides. My favorite SoCal activity by far. Yeah, I’m pretty boring, and yet I want to tell stories on film.

Anyway, here are just a few resources I came across. Maybe I’ll use them one day.

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LA Film & Script Fest
CSU Northridge MFA in Screenwriting