Brink of Collapse

When my world is collapsing, I turn to Will for laughing. He makes me happiest.

Just found out I’m probably going to be evicted after all. My aunt had told me 2 months ago that we didn’t have to move anymore, that we could stay because my uncle took care of everything when he returned from Hong Kong. When I came home today, a Notice of Trustee’s Sale was taped to the front door with my mother’s name on it saying that our place will be auctioned off on the 28th.

I’m not a stranger to eviction, not at all. But I really liked living here. Now I have to find another place to live and figure out how I’m going to pay my bills. I hate to say it but I wish I never spent so much money on NKOTB travel. That money could have saved me. I wouldn’t be stressing if I didn’t go to all those shows a couple of years ago. I’m not saying that I regret the experiences but I definitely regret not paying off the bills right away like I intended. I feel like I fucked myself over. Now I’m stuck. Luckily, I made a little bit of money on some stocks I had sitting in Vertex. Not much but it should suffice in case I need it. I sold it anyway so now, the money is just sitting there, waiting for me to need it desperately.

I guess we’ll see what happens to me in the next few weeks. A wedding to attend in a few days & nothing to wear; the eviction in less than 2 weeks & nowhere to move to; the cruise in 3 weeks & can’t buy new clothes; and a bachelorette trip in 6 weeks & I might not even have a home to return to. I’m going to have to get creative in making some money or cutting corners.

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