Fighting Back

*As I type this, the words in my head are in a British accent as I watched Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging last night. I guess it stuck just a little.

My aunt called me last night and invited me to dinner. I was excited to be able to have a nice meal with some family. It’s a bit of of a return to normalcy as some might say. I haven’t had that since Chinese New Year where my favorite cousin came into town to have lunch with all of us. It was quite an awkward experience considering I wasn’t speaking to my mum nor my grandmum.

We decided to go to ABC Cafe out in San Mateo. I ordered Curry Beef Brisket Chow Fun, something I had never heard of. I just love trying new foods. It was allright, but it wasn’t something I would try again, that’s for sure. Didn’t impress me much really. I would much have preferred a simple ham & egg sandwich over this dish actually.

Anyway, as we waited for our food, my aunt ambushed me. It felt like a trap! She wanted me to get together with my brothers and have a bit of an intervention with my mum over the shower incident. She said that her business partner and her are in an unhealthy relationship where he is constantly abusing my mother both emotionally & verbally. He tells everyone that he is the one earning the money when it’s my mum’s money that he is using; her social security, mind you. And when he runs out of cash, he yells at her for spending all of his money when he doesn’t have any in the first place! He’s basically treating her like an ATM! I can’t stand to hear news like this. As angry as I am with her, it doesn’t supercede the love I still have for her. She’s my mother, and I have to be there to help her even if she did choose that wretched, conniving sorry excuse for a man over me.

I want her leave him. I’ve always wanted her to leave his arse. He doesn’t deserve to have someone like my mother in his life. Unfortunately, my mother is such a weak soul. I am much stronger than she’ll ever be. I think the only way to get through to her is to empower her. My aunt thinks the only way to get through to her is to gang up on her and force her to leave him. What kind of strategy is that? This isn’t a sport, my dear auntie. This is real life. I just think we have to approach things a bit more delicately, a bit more tactful.

Just talking about it last night made my blood boil. All these violent thoughts roamed my mind and I wanted to commit a heinous crime against him, not that I really will. I’m angry but I’m not insane. I just don’t like anyone taking advantage of my family like that and I certainly won’t be allowing it to continue any longer. Something has to be done and it begins with me.

By the way, I had asked my aunt about the eviction and her reply was that I needn’t worry about it because that’s just procedure, and that my uncle is taking care of it…I don’t know what to believe anymore.

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