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Dancing With The Mac N Cheese

Watched Dancing with the Stars last night for the 1st time because New Kids on the Block was scheduled to perform with the Backstreet Boys. They performed their new collaborative single, ‘Don’t Turn Out The Lights.” I hadn’t heard this song all the way through until I watched their performance last night. I thought it was pretty catchy, very in tune with the typical “boyband” sound if there exists one. They had great choreography that was done by Kevin Maher, who has been choreographing NKOTB’s moves since the 2008 reunion of NKOTB. For matured men, they’ve got some pretty nice moves. I wouldn’t mind having a husband who could move like that. :0)

Subsequently, the groups divided up and performed their own exclusive hit with Backstreet Boys singing “I Want It That Way” and NKOTB singing “Step By Step.” I’m very proud to be a New Kids fan, always have been, always will. At the end of Step By Step, Joey McIntyre & Donnie Wahlberg (affectionately known as Mac n Cheese) stepped out onto the dance floor and broke out in some salsa moves with 2 of the professional female dancers. That floored me. Seeing Donnie dance like that immediately brought me to the flashbacks of my favorite movie he’s in, Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School. He had some sweet moves from that film, which he obviously put away in his pocket and pulled them out last night! Wish they would give salsa lessons on the cruise!

Man, this brings me back to 2008 when I used to have to defend the NKOTB Reunion on multiple articles, over and over and over again. Today, they don’t need defense, they’re holding their own. I know people put down the whole “40 somethings dancing around in a boy band” thing but the way I see it, if I was a woman married to a man like that or vice versa and we cut up the floor at a party, who’s going to complain then? And if he brought his friends and they brought their wives and we all did a number, is it really all that bad? For the last time, shut the fuck up, haters. The Backstreet Boys did a good job on their performance too, but I think they should have chosen a more upbeat song. It would have gotten people on their feet, y’know? Either way, seeing the performances last night got me excited all over again for the cruise & tour.

Check out the show!

“Don’t Turn Out The Lights” by NKOTBSB

“I Want It That Way” by Backstreet Boys, “Step By Step” by NKOTB

Both groups are going on tour together in the summer. Get your tickets!