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Vacation Recap

Finally recovered from my vacation. I went on the New Kids on the Block Cruise to the Bahamas last week and had a blast. The purpose of this trip was to 1. See Kevin, 2. Get my license plate signed by the Knights, and 3. Hang out with friends. I accomplished most of these. As much as I’d like to go into details about my trip, I’d really rather keep those details to myself. However, I would like to list my highs & lows. I think I’ll start with my lows.

1. Swollen ankles
2. Delayed flight home (SIX HOURS!!!)
3. Couldn’t go into ocean due to knee injury
4. Thirsty all the time due to sodium in cruise water
5. Didn’t get Jordan to sign my plate

1. Saw my favorite “New Kid” Kevin
2. Got invited to VIP
3. Saw/Met lots of Blockheads I hadn’t seen
4. Kevin helped me get Jon’s signature on my license plate
5. Had a great time with friends
6. Lost 4 lbs. from all the walking/dancing/stair climbing
7. Had an awesome breakfast at 3:30 AM in Miami

I asked many of my friends if they would go next year if there’s another cruise. 95% said no, including me. However, if the cruise were to dock from the west coast for a change or if my friends decide to go on the boat through Carnival instead of Rose Tours, I might change my mind. It was a great experience, it always is.

Things to keep in mind for any cruise:
1. Bring your own water and plenty of it. PLENTY!!!
2. Get the seasickness patch, Scopolamine, from doctor
3. Get on the boat early
4. No need to bring too much luggage, I had a carryon
5. Try to get a cabin higher up so that your bathroom is easily accessible if you’re on lido deck
6. Wear a wristwatch

And now, back to my regularly scheduled programming of writing, performing, creating, admiring, and amazing.
But first, some photos:

Me & Kevin

Me & Danny

Best Breakfast Ever!

Lying on the airport floor