New Kids on the Block had their opening night yesterday for their epic tour with Backstreet Boys! I gave my friend my tickets as the guys had invited all the cruisers to their opening night show in Chicago and luckily, they were transferable. He had a really great time and even made some friends with the girls sitting next to him. Of course, who could resist a guy at an NKOTB show enjoying himself? I’m making love connections, haha! I was almost tempted to get a ticket for their Anaheim show, which would be in addition to the tickets I already have for the LA & SJ show. Alas, the sensible me stopped the fanatic me and said I just can’t afford it. I’m still paying off the tickets I bought in 2008!

Anyway, I didn’t want to spoil myself but I heard they have an opening video in the beginning of the show and omg, I was in it! EEEKKKKK!!! It was from when I made an appearance on the day of my Paulo Saga. It’s not easy being in two places at the same time. Here is the video and this is all I’ve seen, up to where I saw myself. No more spoilers!!

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