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I Just Want To Create

I added a couple more items to my Etsy page and am excited to continue making more things. I’m constantly looking for inspiration but I don’t have too far too look. It is all around me. I could be inspired by a piece of chewed gum, you just never know. Here are the pics.
Sterling Silver Chain with Silver Wire Pendant
Sterling Silver Chain with Silver Wire Pendant

Choker with Turkish silver cross & antique silver tubes
Choker with Turkish silver cross & antique silver tubes

India Glass Bead with Heart Charm Bracelet (Sold)
India Glass Bead with Heart Charm Bracelet

I really want to venture into making jewelry for men and things that are edgier. This really isn’t my style, too bridal. I like the choker though but it’s so plain to me. Ah well, in time. Today, I’m going to teach myself how to make wire wrapped rings like this one:

wire wrap ringPhoto from Michigan Bead Supply Co.

Another thing I wanted to address. I had been encouraging a friend of mine to write a script because he is so humorous & zany. He kept saying he would and had been coming to me for advice on a script is written. I wasn’t sure he was taking my words to heart until last night when he told me writing was harder than he thought but he was 33 pages in and had 70 – 80 more pages to go. I was so shocked & proud of him. I cannot wait to read his script!! I’m pretty sure it will have wacky scenes and crazy scenarios and he tells some pretty funny stories just for the sake of comedy. Love it!! This has been encouraging for me. Now I feel inspired to continue with my own script. It’s only halfway done for now but I can’t wait to see what happens in my story. I am constantly inspired by events surrounding me, things that happen to me, and the people I come in contact with. When my film goes up, it’s possible my friends will recognize a situation onscreen. Yes, it’s that easy. :0)

Ice Cream Tour

My best friends and I had planned to do an ice cream tour in San Francisco for a day and we finally had it this past Saturday. We didn’t go to as many as we had wanted to but we still had a great time. The places we hit up were Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous, Bi-Rite, Three Twins Organic Creamery, and of course, Mitchell’s Ice Cream. No ice cream tour is complete without Mitchell’s. I don’t know what it is about ice cream but it’s the only tour of its kind that is difficult to get sick of. I could go around on a mac n cheese tour but it wouldn’t be the same. Sounds kind of gross, actually…and fattening…and disgusting.

The locations of the ice cream places we went to were all around the Mission/Potrero Hill area so we thought we were avoiding the gay pride traffic. However, we had no idea that the Dyke March was in the same area as Birite so we ended up driving right into it! Haha!
Dyke March at Dolores Park

Luckily, I’m a pretty chill driver so I don’t stress over looking for parking or congested traffic. No road rage here…unless you steal my parking space while I’m trying to park it. Then, I will lose my shit. That really happened to me. Both times, I was in the process of backing into the space and another car came and swooped right into it. I hit the roof. Luckily, I didn’t have any weaponry on me, or eggs. I probably would have slashed some tires or at least egged the car. Oooh, just thinking about it getting me all riled up.

Next topic: pictures. Here are some photos of me enjoying my ice cream tour.

Mascarpone @ Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous
mascarpone ice cream at mr. & mrs. miscellaneous

Balsamic Strawberry & Ricanelas (snickerdoodles & cinnamon) @ Bi-Rite
balsamic strawberry & ricanelas ice cream at Birite

Salted Nuts @ Three Twins
salted nuts ice cream at Three Twins

Mango @ Mitchell’s
mango ice cream at Mitchell's

Oh yes, and I fit in some soul food from Front Porch.
soul food at Front Porch

The foodie in me is never at rest.

High Hopes


Ok, I know I said no expectations but I just can’t help but do the happy dance right now. His name wasn’t mentioned and I’m not expecting him to be there but I just can’t help but hope. Oh Will, please don’t disappoint me again. Please! *wishing & hoping & praying*

3:30–4:30 p.m. ThunderCats Premiere Episode Screening and Q&A – Comic-Con, Ho! From the moment this series was announced, fans have answered the call — now, the wait is finally over as Warner Bros. Animation is proud to bring the fans at Comic-Con the world premiere of this all-new reimagining of the beloved ’80s franchise. Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, Wily Kit, Wily Kat and Snarf are back! After the screening, producers Michael Jelenic (Batman: The Brave and the Bold) and Ethan Spaulding (Avatar: The Last Airbender), art director Dan Norton (G.I. Joe: Resolute) and members of the voice cast will discuss what viewers can expect in the first season of this exciting new series. ThunderCats premieres in a special one-hour episode on Friday, July 29 at 8/7c on Cartoon Network. Become a fan of ThunderCats on Facebook at Room 6A

Will at SDCC?

So, Donnie Wahlberg just tweeted some article from The Hollywood Reporter. I went on that page and started browsing. The last time Donnie tweeted something, it led me to meet Paulo Costanzo. Donnie Wahlberg, you must be my good luck charm because you just led me to the Comic-Con lineup! Thank you!! I’m happy to report that Thundercats is a part of the lineup on a day that I will be going!!

Okay, the last time I was excited about a possible Will Friedle appearance at a convention, I was utterly disappointed that he did not come. So this time, I’m not going to have any expectations. I’m just going to go and if it was meant to be, then I will see him there and I will meet this wonderful man face-to-face. Of course, it’s really really hard not to have expectations, especially when his BFF Jason Marsden is scheduled to be there as well. Besides, the people they mentioned for Thundercats were the producers & the art director, I believe. No mention of Will.

Here is a schedule of some of the TV lineup.



“MAD”: 10:00–11:00 a.m., Room 25ABC
“The Big Bang Theory”: 12:30–1:30 p.m., Ballroom 20
“Childrens Hospital”: 1:30–2:20 p.m., Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront
“Green Lantern: The Animated Series”: 2:00–3:00 p.m., Room 6BCF
“ThunderCats”: 3:30–4:30 p.m., Room 6A


“Chuck”: 10:00–10:45 a.m., Ballroom 20
“The Vampire Diaries”: 3:30–4:15 p.m., Ballroom 20
“Fringe”: 4:15–5:00 p.m., Ballroom 20
“Alcatraz”: 5:00–6:00 p.m., Ballroom 20
“The Secret Circle”: 5:10–6:00 p.m., Room 6BCF
“Nikita”: 6:00–6:45 p.m., Room 6BCF
“Person of Interest”: 6:45–7:30 p.m., Room 6BCF


“Young Justice”: 10:00–11:00 a.m., Room 7AB
“Supernatural”: 11:15 a.m.–12:15 p.m., Hall H
“Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated”: 1:00–2:00 p.m., Room 6A
“The Looney Tunes Show”: 2:15–3:15 p.m., Room 6A


Boy Meets World Marathon Part 2 & Jewelry

My BFF and I continued my birthday Boy Meets World marathon over the weekend. We went through the last 3 episodes of Season 5, pummeled through Season 6 and got through the to the middle of Season 7, just barely. The one I was waiting impatiently to watch was “What A Drag.” We both commented on how ugly of a woman Matthew Lawrence made and how gorgeous of a woman Will Friedle made. And yet, in the episode, it was Will who got tagged as the ugly woman and Matthew as the attractive one. Whoa. Either the writers didn’t have their glasses on or it just had to be written this way. I mean seriously, look at their faces.

Will as Chantal *whistle*

Matt as Lala *shudder*

Oh lord. What is this deal with me falling for guys who look good as women? I must be drawn to pretty boys. I guess that’s why I like Will so much. Not that I only like him if he looked good as a woman but just that I love that he was such a good sport about playing the part and played it well, he did. Oh Will, you are just too much talent.

This reminds me, I’m really hoping I get a chance to meet Will’s BFF, Jason Marsden, at Comic-Con this year! It’ll be my 1st time there & while I’m sure it’s a prety big event, I don’t think I’ll have that hard of a time finding him like my friends think I will. He seems like a cool guy who likes meeting fans. I really hate celebs, or just general people for that matter, who come with egos and I can detect egos pretty easily. There’s a very fine line between ego & self-confidence. Once I sense it, you will have either lost my respect or gained it. Anyway, here is the episode we watched.

“What A Drag”

While I was enjoying myself with this marathon, I also began making my first real jewelry pieces that I plan to sell on Etsy. I created an Etsy channel called AmVicious. I thought about a lot of names for my new Etsy business and the reason I came up with AmVicious was that I felt it was a play on words for my ambitious personality. And if anyone knows my creative side, they would know I love to play with words. So far, I’ve only made a few earrings but as I go along and become more inspired, I will create more. I’m really very excited about making jewelry. I get inspired by the people surrounding me and by celebrities I imagine wearing them. It motivates me to continue pursuing this dream. One day, I hope to be my own boss with no one to answer to. :0) Baby steps.

Here are the earrings I made over the weekend. Nothing fancy but they’re definitely earrings I would wear myself. I hope that one day, I will develop a certain style that pertains to me.

Dave Foley Event Update

I forgot to update on the comedy show I went to last Friday! It was so much fun! My friend and I went to eat at Cafe Zoetrope first. It’s owned by Francis Ford Coppola in the beloved Sentinel building. It was delicious! We also got to sit in Mr. Coppola’s booth! It was roped off but they removed it for us. That was sweet. I ordered the Spaghetti Carbonara and my friend got the Spaghetti & FFC Meatballs. I know, sounds boring but we loved it, sooooo delicious! My friend was wondering what an FFC Meatball was. Duh!! Francis Ford Coppola, my dear. I tasted it, spectacular! Thank you Mr. Coppola!

We walked over to the comedy club and watched 2 opening acts, one lady from a San Jose radio station (I can’t remember her name) and Brendon Walsh. They were both hilarious but it was Friday and well, the Friday night drop was in full effect. Too bad because I was in high spirits! Dave gave great insight during his bit about using derogatory names like “the N word.” He said that it was all about intent. I thought about it for a moment and he’s right, it IS all about intent. How you were raised and how you were educated is a clear indication of how you choose your words.

How you use these terms makes a big difference between all of our languages. Even if two people are speaking the same language, sometimes we will still hear different things. So you have to use your critical thinking skills and speak wisely. Otherwise, misunderstandings ensue, people take offense, possibly leading to broken friendships, broken noses, or in extreme cases, riots. :0P Yeah, that’s pretty extreme. English really isn’t a perfect language, is it? Either that, or we just haven’t mastered it yet.

I’ve had instances where people whisper the word “black” when describing a person and if you think about it hard enough, it really wasn’t a necessary whisper. If you whisper, it makes me think you have negative connotations attached to it. So for me, I would rather you shout it out, loud & proud, “I LOVE THAT SEXY BLACK GUY!!” or whatever you want to say. Thanks for the insight, Dave! :0)

Anyway, the best part of the night was that Dave signed my picture and also took a photo with me! I love him!

Gawd, why do I always press my face down, causing that double chin, when I cheese smile? Oh, because I’m super happy. Yay!

Dream Guy-It Was Just A Dream

(transcribed from an old diary I found, circa 1997-20 years old)

My Dream Guy

1. Honest
2. Sincere
3. Romantic
4. Someone who calls when he says he will
5. Someone who writes me letters just to say hello
6. Someone who calls just to tell me he’s thinking about me
7. Someone who remembers important dates with me
8. Brings me flower for no reason
9. Slow dances with me whenever & wherever it may be
10. Tells me I mean the world to him
11. Someone I can learn to love with
12. Someone I can share experiences with
13. Tells me things about him that he would never tell anyone else
14. Somoeone who makes me feel good about myself
15. Someone I can sleep with, as in just sleep
16. Be the first one I tell my joys & sorrows to
17. Gives me a reason to wake up in the morning
18. Tells me he loves me and truthfully means it
19. Squeezes my hand a little tighter when we hear our song play
20. Tells me he misses me when I’m not around
21. Pay attention to me when I’m speaking & remembers what I said
22. Lends me his jacket when I’m cold

After reading this, all I have to say is…


My Dream Guy (circa 2011-34 years old)

1. Smart
2. Creative
3. Ambitious
4. Has a big heart
5. Doesn’t need to talk to me everyday
6. Inspiring
7. Drama-free
8. Doesn’t expect me to cook dinner every night
9. Has good hygiene (clean teeth,doesn’t smoke,showers daily, etc.)
10. Loves trying new restaurants with me
11. Supportive

That’s all. Wow, slashed the list in half. Doesn’t take much to make me happy anymore. If I were to pick one from my 1997 list, it would have to be #11-some I can learn to love with. I think relationships are a growing process, never something set in stone. When I wrote that 1997 list, I must have been in lalaland. Back then, love was all a dream, somewhat of a treasure to behold. After going through years without it and seeing relationships around me fall apart, can’t say I’m all that enthralled by it anymore. I don’t even care if I ever fall in love again. If anyone can change my mind, well then I’ll be damned.

Celebrities who seem like the type of guy I would want to go out with (granted they were single & around my age):

1. Will Friedle
2. Paulo Costanzo
3. Topher Grace
4. Michael Cera
5. Dave Foley
6. Jason Bateman
7. Andrew McCarthy

Cute, but not for me:
1. Jensen Ackles
2. Jackson Rathbone
3. Bradley Cooper
4. Orlando Bloom
5. Keanu Reeves
6. Sam Worthington

Dave Foley

Real quick.

Going to see Dave Foley tonight at Cobb’s Comedy Club as part of SF Sketchfest. Loved him since 1992 & met him in 2002. I can’t fuckin’ wait!!!! To sum it up, he is a comedian who got his big break doing Kids in the Hall(KITH). They started out in a black box theatre called Rivoli in Canada, I believe, and somehow got offered to do a sketch TV show based on their comedy. He went on to do another show called “Newsradio” with Andy Dick, Maura Tierney and the late Phil Hartman.

I remember back in high school, I used to set my alarm for 3:00 AM. I would wake up, run downstairs, turn on the TV to channel 5 and record Kids in the Hall. Odd time for it to come on but I was a ride-or-die chick and I HAD to watch it! Their comedy truly was the catapult that inspired me to write. I ended up submitting pieces to my high school’s poetry magazine and I even got something accepted in it! I thought the pieces inspired by KITH was poetry but I later learned that what I was actually writing were monologues. I wish I still had those monologues today. I could get re-inspired by my former self. I’m sure I have them somewhere but I’ll bet you anything that they are chillin’ within 3.5″ floppy disk heaven in WordPerfect form with a password protected gate. Unless I can find a computer out there than can pull these out for me, they are laid to rest.

In 2002, I finally got the chance to see Kids in the Hall perform live!! They came to SF on a tour and I got a backstage pass to meet them!! Believe me, that was a dream come true and that week, I also met my childhood fantasy boyfriend Joe McIntyre and another favorite comedian, John Leguizamo!! What a week that was! Here is my picture with Dave, taken 5/19/02. Ignore my fugly self.

I can’t wait for tonight. Alone or alongside Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson & Kevin McDonald, Dave Foley is hilarious and I appreciate & am inspired by his sense of humor. If it wasn’t for KITH, I would not have the dark & sarcastic sense of humor that I have today. Thank you so much. In the meantime, I’d like to share some of my favorite Kids in the Hall sketches.



Musical Duo

Melanie & her Date

Grocery Store

Ok, maybe that was not that quick. Sorry, I got excited reminiscing about the Kids in the Hall! Love them!

It Begins with 7 lbs.

Diet, schmiet. Really sad today because I gained back all the weight I lost from the cruise & post cruise. Yep, all 7 lbs. Doesn’t sound like alot but think of it, 5 lbs. is a medium bag of rice. add on the weight of 1/2 of a big 2 liter bottle of soda and there you have it-7 lbs. It all started with the back pain. I got used to lying around, doing nothing and just eating.
Ugh, I’m so fuckin’ disappointed with myself. And it doesn’t help that I chose to take on a new side business that requires almost no activity on my part besides my hands. I can already see myself 30 years from now, hunched over on a desk, wearing thick glasses, white hair, layer upon layers of sweaters, a “Kiss the Chef” apron with large pockets filled with pliers & thread, and orthopedic shoes that are snug on my weary feet. I’m surrounded by jewelry hanging on hooks all over the walls and multiple pieces lying on tables around me, a single 1990s lamp on my desk, shining on my current masterpiece, and dirty windows with frosted glass that are painted shut except for one, which I open every time I have to use any glue so that I don’t inhale the fumes.
As if I would really want to prolong my life at that point. I would need to look at the bigger picture. What would I have accomplished? Am I married? Do I have children? Do I own the house I’m working in? Did I ever get the samoyed I always wanted? Am I still into music? Did I ever learn how to drive a stickshift car? What happened to my deteriorating knees? Am I still able to drive or do I need a taxi every time? Did I ever meet my beloved Will Friedle? Are WE married to each other? Hey, I had to throw that in there.
So many questions, I could go on. And it all began with 7 lbs. Why did I just think of Will Smith right now? I never even saw that movie…it’s time to make changes.

Scripts & Jewels

I’ve never written a script for a promotional video before. However, tonight, I can say that I have. Not really sure I knew what I was doing but I dove right in because it was an emergency and we needed the script right away. Hopefully, I wrote it right. I don’t care if they want to tweak it. I fulfilled my assignment and put forth my best effort. I just wish I had learned how to write a shooting script instead of only a spec script. I guess I’ll leave it up to the director to figure it out. The thing is, I have this vision in my head of what the video could look like, but translating the visions into words and shots is much more difficult than I ever thought it would be. Even communicating my vision through voice is much easier than putting it into words. I like the challenge though, keeps me on my toes.

Speaking of challenges, I have been out of commission for a week now due to lower back pain. I finally saw my doctor yesterday and she gave me plenty of drugs to keep me comfortable, which is why I am able to write today. She said it’s probably a pinched nerve. It was so annoying to use my computer sideways so typing was purposely neglected. Now I can finally get back to my regularly scheduled programming. One thing I learned from this experience is to never take your health for granted. Sometimes, I feel invincible but deep down, I know I’m not. We, as humans, are all fragile, not matter how much strength we possess. I could strengthen my core, I could work out until I can carry a horse, I could have legs & buttocks as hard as a rock but all could be gone if I get in a car accident. Our bodies only have one life. It’s not easy to bounce back from trauma. It’s just best to take care of it while we can.

On a lighter note, I’ve discovered an interest in jewelry making. I had a vision of a piece of jewelry and haven’t found anyone who has made it. So, I thought, “Why don’t I make it myself?” This was one thing I did with my time away from work. Wouldn’t it be great to be a writer and also sell jewelry on the side, travelling to different places to different jewelry fairs, conventions, trade shows? Maybe it doesn’t sound that strange but keep in mind that I’m a girl who has never ever been into decorating herself. So jewelry has always been the last on my list when it comes to dressing up. Most times, I forget about jewelry and leave the house without it so I keep emergency jewelry in my bag just for that reason. I am going to take a class, borrow some books from the library, and see what I can come up with. I’ve seen a lot of fugly jewelry out there and if they can make money, so can I. My taste dances along the lines of romance, rock n roll, and sparkle. Once I master my craft, I think I’ll make a channel on Etsy. I tried making a simple pair of earrings yesterdays and it was fun to make. I actually wore them and realized they look like earrings I’ve seen being sold for around $5 – $8 a pair. They’re not perfect but hey, they’re my first pair. Yeah, I think I could do this. I wonder what I should name my new business.

Ruby Hearts & Gunmetal

Snitch in Love

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