Dave Foley Event Update

I forgot to update on the comedy show I went to last Friday! It was so much fun! My friend and I went to eat at Cafe Zoetrope first. It’s owned by Francis Ford Coppola in the beloved Sentinel building. It was delicious! We also got to sit in Mr. Coppola’s booth! It was roped off but they removed it for us. That was sweet. I ordered the Spaghetti Carbonara and my friend got the Spaghetti & FFC Meatballs. I know, sounds boring but we loved it, sooooo delicious! My friend was wondering what an FFC Meatball was. Duh!! Francis Ford Coppola, my dear. I tasted it, spectacular! Thank you Mr. Coppola!

We walked over to the comedy club and watched 2 opening acts, one lady from a San Jose radio station (I can’t remember her name) and Brendon Walsh. They were both hilarious but it was Friday and well, the Friday night drop was in full effect. Too bad because I was in high spirits! Dave gave great insight during his bit about using derogatory names like “the N word.” He said that it was all about intent. I thought about it for a moment and he’s right, it IS all about intent. How you were raised and how you were educated is a clear indication of how you choose your words.

How you use these terms makes a big difference between all of our languages. Even if two people are speaking the same language, sometimes we will still hear different things. So you have to use your critical thinking skills and speak wisely. Otherwise, misunderstandings ensue, people take offense, possibly leading to broken friendships, broken noses, or in extreme cases, riots. :0P Yeah, that’s pretty extreme. English really isn’t a perfect language, is it? Either that, or we just haven’t mastered it yet.

I’ve had instances where people whisper the word “black” when describing a person and if you think about it hard enough, it really wasn’t a necessary whisper. If you whisper, it makes me think you have negative connotations attached to it. So for me, I would rather you shout it out, loud & proud, “I LOVE THAT SEXY BLACK GUY!!” or whatever you want to say. Thanks for the insight, Dave! :0)

Anyway, the best part of the night was that Dave signed my picture and also took a photo with me! I love him!

Gawd, why do I always press my face down, causing that double chin, when I cheese smile? Oh, because I’m super happy. Yay!

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