Netflix Prix Fixe

*written in Rolling Eye mode*

So Netflix announced yesterday that they were hiking up their prices 60% and now their customers are protesting by cancelling their subscription and writing nasty comments on their Facebook page. I’m a pretty frugal person but I’m sorry, while I hate that Netflix has risen their prices, I would have to say it’s probably a necessary move they had to make to cover costs of licensing and shipping. After all, it is a for-profit company, is it not?

People are saying they are going to Redbox & Seriously, those are not going to replace the fantastic service that Netflix has been offering to their customers. is great but I don’t recall them streaming entire movies, do they? I could be wrong, I rarely use Hulu because I hate the advertisements that pop up in the middle of my shows. Secondly, Redbox to replace Netflix? The DVDs come right to YOU, muthafuckers! Redbox is cheap, yes, but you have to go to THEM! Am I the only one who sees the difference here?

If I were these angry Netbitchers, I wouldn’t pound fists over a measley $6. Netflix is catering to all the lazy people who don’t want to get up off the couch and drive down to a Redbox location to enjoy a movie while, yes, still sitting on the couch again. And may I recall, the cost of a movie in the theatre averages around $10.50 and that’s just for one movie, one day, one time only. If people are willing to pay that, what’s the big deal of paying $16 a month? That’s an average of 53 cents a day. If you don’t want to pay that, revert to their previous service of DVDs by mail only and quit bitching. I mean, if Netflix had never offered the streaming movies for free in the first place, would you still be complaining? Imagine, before the free streaming was available, what if they offered at an extra cost and you yourself chose to order it? If not, then you’re still paying the regular plan of DVDs by mail.

For all those who cancelled, I wouldn’t be surprised if at least 50% resumed their service in the future. And if $6 is still that big of a deal, there’s always Greencine. :0)

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