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A Bumper

While I don’t like prank calls, I did enjoy hearing his response. Will Friedle sounds like such a gentleman. You can prank call me anytime, Will!

Will Friedle Voicemail

Will Friedle in Less Than Perfect

I sought far & wide to find the episode of “Less Than Perfect” that Will Friedle guest starred on with no luck. “Less Than Perfect” was a quirky sitcom about the perfect vs. the less than perfect. It was set in an office environment, starring Sara Rue. I love Sara Rue. She inspires me.

Anyway, there are tons of episodes on Youtube but none of them are the one with Will in it. Luckily, I have amazing friends. Here is the episode in all its glory. Gawd, I love this man. He’s got some scruff now but I don’t even care. I just wanna…om nom nom!!

Part 1

Part 2

And let me just add how giddy it made me when I saw that Kat Dennings favorited 2 BMW videos 2 months ago. She’s in my favorite movie, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Love her!


I know this is old news but I’m so happy that “Girlfriend” won the Audience Award at the Gotham Awards Monday night. I love indie movies. Must have been a great victory for Justin Lerner(writer/director) & Shaun O’Banion/Jerad Anderson(producers). Of course, it didn’t hurt that Jackson Rathbone was in the film, playing Russ, a rough-edgy ex-boyfriend, fitted with long greasy hair, tattoos, & that wicked crooked smile of his. Agh! Too much sexy in one place makes the brain explode in one thought.

Anyway, I have yet to watch this film. I was supposed to watch it back in October at a local film festival but my friend got sick & I had rehearsal so we had to cancel. I would still highly recommend watching it as I’ve been following the success of this film since I first fell in love with Jackson last year…ok, well, I’m not really in love with Jackson (that’s reserved for Will Friedle) but I actually would love for him & Ashley Greene to go out. They seem to make a cute couple. Alas, Jackson travels so much & Ashley probably would want someone she doesn’t have to miss all the time. She needs a man she can see almost everyday.

Sorry, tangent. “Girlfriend” is about Evan, a young man with Down syndrome. Evan has a crush on his friend, Candy, who has a child, an abusive ex-boyfriend who won’t leave her alone, and a baby daddy who’s married to another. Basically, Candy has a lot of baggage. Evan comes into some inheritance money when his mother passes away. He decides to give some money to Candy to help her eviction in exchange for a romantic affair with Candy. The story follows how Evan learns what love is & how to live without the assistance of his mother. I only know all this because I read the script & once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down.

Here is an article written by Justin Lerner where he talks about how it felt to win the Gotham Award. I haven’t heard of any other festivals that I can catch “Girlfriend” at. Fortunately, I can watch it here anytime, and I will do that this month. One last thing, Jackson & Jerad’s band, 100 Monkeys, is included in the soundtrack.