Time to Detox

I’ve made the decision to go on Dr. Joshi’s Holistic Detox. It lasts for 21 days and I’m hoping I will be able to complete it without falling off the wagon, as is my usual case. This detox is meant to get my body to release all the toxins that have built up over the years in my liver. Dr. Joshi says,

The job of the liver’s filtration system is to keep the blood as pure as possible. To do this, it has to sort out the good stuff from the bad and filter off the toxins. if your nourish your body with nutritious, freshly prepared foods and avoid pop, alcohol and processed foods, then you will give your liver the best chance of eliminating any poisonous chemical that it does encounter.

I’m excited to about it and yet fearful that I may experience yet another fail. However, I am highly motivated and I have every reason to succeed, now more than ever.

Ok, I might as well share. The reason being that I’ve decided to finally turn a stageplay I wrote back in 2007 into a short film. The content is based on body image and I simply cannot continue with this project and be a hypocrite about it. I know I will have a lot of support on this and once I start this, there’s no turning back because I’ve already put it out there on the web for all to see. I think I will begin the detox this weekend. I’m slowly starting to eat some of the items on the list just to condition my mind to embrace it slowly.

Things I can eat
White meat like turkey or chicken
Herbal tea or green tea
Eggs but not more than 3 or 4 per week
Fish (but no salmon/tuna)
Will or brown rice
Live yogurt
Ricotta, cottage, goat or buffalo cheeses
Dark green vegetables(stirfry/steamed ok)
Wheat-/Gluten-Free breads & cereals
Olive oil
Chicke peas, lentils and pulses
Salads w/o peppers & tomatoes
Onions, ginger, & garlic
Soy & rice milk
Tofu & soy products

Things I can NOT eat
Red meat
All fruit except bananas
Dairy products made with cow’s milk
Wheat,yeast & gluten
Tea & coffee including decaf (except herbal/green teas)
Jams & other spreads
Artificial flavorings like vinegar, mustard, and ketchup
Chocolate, sugar, and other sweets
Pre-packaged & pre-prepared meals

Sigh…it’s going to be a fantastic journey. Coolio.


  1. Good luck! It will be a challenge (especially the teas/coffees, and gluten!) but I hope it invigorates your system.

    • Miss Ava Said:

      Thanks! Me too, tired of the yo-yo dieting. :0)

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