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Detox Day 2

I didn’t really have time to think of anything new to eat so I pretty much ate the same thing as Day 1. The only difference is my dinner. I ended up going to a meeting last night where the host had purchased some delicious-looking & heaven-scented appetizers that made me drool. Stuffed mushrooms, shanghai lumpia & bacon stuffed potato wedges were on their menu. The only way I could get through it was by drinking water & telling myself it’s just not worth it.

So far, in the last 2 days, I’ve lost 2 lbs. Not really a pound a day though. After Day 1, I had lost .4 oz. After Day 2 was when I had gotten up to 2 lbs. I can’t even imagine what would have happened if I had given into temptation & had taken a bite of those appetizers. Oh the horror! I can already imagine what would have transpired if I had taken a bite. It would just be one after another, to the point of no return. It would eventually become a pertual junk food consumption that would propel me into a 24 hour grocery store to buy ice cream, chips & chocolate, spiraling me into the depths of yo yo dieting and leaning on the excuse that the diet can restart tomorrow. Well no more excuses this time. This time, I WON! I didn’t give in, I didn’t take any bites, and I didn’t care. SUCCESS!!

Crispy gluten free brown rice cereal (Erewhon)
Lowfat Goat milk (Meyenberg)


Scrambled eggs
2 slices gluten free whole grain toast (Udi’s)

Gluten-free Brown rice tortilla (Trader Joe’s)
1 oz goat cheese (Trader Joe’s)
Oven roast turkey breast (Trader Joe’s)

The tortillas were awful, might be better if I heated them up.