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Detox Day 4

I made a date with my bff to watch Titanic in 3D yesterday. So naturally, we had to have dinner somewhere and I chose to go to a Thai restaurant. Initially, I was planning on going mediterranean because I thought I could just have hummus. However, I realized they weren’t going to have a bag of baby carrots for me to dip & I wasn’t about to eat their pita bread that I’m not allowed to have. Therefore, thai was a better solution. I ended up at Summer Summer Thai. Scoping through the menu proved to be difficult to find something that fit along my diet guidelines. Finally, I decided on the Flambe Chicken, which was “Grilled marinated chicken in our secret Thai spices.”

I tore that chicken UP! I ate it kamayan style (with my hands) and it was soooooo goooood. I LOVE this diet! I didn’t eat the sauce though but I did try it. It mostly had lots of sugar so I had to pass. My next challenge will be when I head off to the next film shoot & I have to figure out a way to maintain my diet on set. I was thinking of eating beforehand. If I have to, I’ll just boil some eggs & brown bag it. Oooh, good idea. Soft-boiled eggs are my absolute favorite! 8 minutes in simmering water is all your need.

Gluten-Free Corn flakes (Nature’s Path)
Rice milk (Rice Dream)


Scrambled eggs with fuzzy melon
Brown rice
Green tea with roasted brown rice (Yamamotoyama)

Grilled chicken (Summer Summer Thai restaurant)
Brown rice

Weight lost since 4/2/12: 4.8 lbs.