Detox Day 5

I succeeded in losing weight despite having chinese roasted pork, roasted duck & chow fun in my face! YES!!! This is proof of the elusive discipline that I’ve been lacking all these years. I think it has a lot to do with my motivation. Okay, let’s be frank. Yes, my motivation really has nothing to do with me but more to do with my desire to catch the attention of a man. Celebrities come & go and yes, it is definitely possible to catch the attention of a celebrity (i.e. Matt Damon & Jackson Rathbone are my best examples) but it’s the real men that prove to be a greater motivational factor.

At the same time, I am able to do research for the short film I’m writing as it has everything to do with how I complete the outcome of the story. Yes, the character is loosely based on my own shenanigans and it’s so much fun to write! Even though it’s my own story, I can’t wait to find out what happens at the end of the film. Hopefully a happy ending but it could go either way. The detox is such a dream come true!

Greek style yogurt (Fage)
Honey (Trader Joe’s)


Baby carrots
Hummus (Trader Joe’s)

Gluten-Free Cornflakes (Nature’s Path)
Scrambled eggs with fuzzy melon

Weight lost as of 4/2/12: 5.2 lbs.


  1. Congratulations! As long as you’re motivated by SOMETHING. 😉

    • Miss Ava Said:

      Thanks! I’m trying as hard as I can!

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