Detox Day 6

I knew it was going to happen eventually. I knew I couldn’t maintain a losing streak forever. Gained back 1.6 lbs from my food yesterday. I’m a little disappointed but instead of letting it ruin my day, I’m going to use it to my advantage and make it my motivation for day 7 to lose twice as much as I did so that I lose what I gained and then some. Normally, I would allow it to get the best of me and cause me to return to a day of normal meal consumption but not this time. I’m too pumped to succeed.

I’m not making excuses but I have to break down my day so that I can see where I might have made my mistake. The plan was to go location scouting in the area to find a place where we can film an exterior shot so I knew I was going to be in a car all day & we would probably have to stop at restaurants to eat. I had to have lunch at a filipino restaurant which was nearly impossible to maintain my detox on. I tried to follow the same guideline I used when I went to have thai food. All I ate was grilled chicken (thigh meat) and eggplant. Both of which was pretty fattening because well, thigh meat is DELICIOUS so it must be fattening and eggplant is a sponge disguised as a vegetable so I pretty much just ate pieces of oil.

For dinner, we ended up at a Japanese restaurant. I asked if they had brown rice and sadly, they did not. So I had to settle for no rice at all. I ended up ordering tamago sashimi, which I never even knew existed, and saba sashimi. Basically, I had raw fish & eggs. I couldn’t handle the fish. My mind kept wandering to an image of me grabbing a live fish out of fresh waters and sinking my teeth into it. The smell of it alone made me cringe as I have never taken a liking to fish much. The only ones I’ll eat faw are salmon & tuna, which also happen to be the only two I cannot have on the detox. To be honest, I couldn’t really have the eggs neither due to the sugar content but I decided it was ok.

A-HA! That must be where I made the mistake as well. A combination of fatty chicken, oil sponges & sugar-laden eggs caused me to gained back 1.6 lbs. While I wish I hadn’t eaten it, there’s no use in crying over spilled milk. I’ll just have to move forward and be very careful from now now. Although, it does worry me about what will happen once I am off of the detox. What will happen to my body? Will I just continue gaining weight without mercy? Am I going to have to eat baby carrots & hummus for lunch forever? How will I ever adopt this diet as a lifestyle change? And now, all I can think of is my hula hoop. Exercise, betch! I didn’t do any exercise yesterday!! Another mistake found. Okay, correct it today!

Gluten-free whole grain toast (Udi’s)
Almond butter (Trader Joe’s)
Hard-boiled eggs
Green Tea (Yamamotoyama & Kirkland)

Grilled Chicken (Tribu Grill)
Eggplant (Tribu Grill)

Rice Chips (Lundberg)

Tamago Sashimi (Balboa Teriyaki)
Green tea (Balboa Teriyaki)

Weight lost as of 4/2/12: 4.2 lbs.

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