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Detox Day 7

I started off the day with breakfast and a long walk. I walked for about 2.5 hours to be exact. I was thinking that this way, I would be able to lose some weight for sure. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen as well as I had hoped. I only lost .2 lbs from yesterday. I am trying to analyze what it is I need to do but it seems my body is starting to adapt to the food.

I read somewhere that the body’s natural function is to maintain its weight. Losing weight is unnatural so the body does whatever it needs to do to adapt & maintain its weight. This is why they say you always have to kick it up a notch and surprise your body. At first, I thought have eating junk food for a day and then returning to my regular diet. That would shock my body, right? But then, the thought of consuming junk food all day made me sick to my stomach so scratch that plan.

If I’m going to surprise my body, I think I’ll start eating more vegetables. I noticed my diet didn’t really contain too many greens so while I was walking, I walked on over to the market & bought myself some vegetables that I will cook tonight. Seriously though, I just need to exercise more. There. I said it. Now whether or not I’ll do it is a whole ‘nuther conversation. This beezy hates to exercise. Bleh!

Gluten-free corn flakes (Nature’s Path)
Rice milk (Rice Dream)

Gluten-free whole grain bread (Udi’s)
Turkey Breast (Trader Joe’s)
Goat Brie (Trader Joe’s)


Rotisserie Chicken (Safeway)

Weight lost as of 4/2/12: 4.4 lbs.