Girl Meets World: Hmm…Okay.

Disney is making a sequel to Boy Meets World called Girl Meets World. It was announced last weekend. After hearing the news, I couldn’t decided. I’ve been wavering back and forth over this topic this whole week. I don’t know why. It’s not even that important. I’ve been reading & watching articles, tweets, comments, rants, blogs, vlogs, video responses, and episodes of Boy Meets World that ended up making me cry like a baby. I was looking for something to influence my opinion and help me get out of this 50/50 zone that I was so conflicted over for some unknown reason. So finally, after being overwhelmed with all the positive vs. negative words I’ve seen, read or heard, I’ve come to a conclusion and that conclusion is this: okay.

It will be okay. It will be okay that Disney wants to do a sequel to Boy Meets World because there can be nothing but good that will come out of it for Boy Meets World. First of all, BMW is done, finished, in the past, a memory, a retro vintage television show that taught me life lessons and made Fridays my favorite day to this day. As a loyal viewer of Boy Meets World, I am honored that one of my favorite shows was remembered and chosen to get a sequel. A lot of the nay-sayers have voiced their rants that “Girl Meets World” will ruin their childhood and drag Boy Meets World through the ground. They pretty much say that Boy Meets World cannot be touched because it is already imperfectly perfect and does not need to be changed. And then, there are those who are overcome with excitement and & anticipation, like being given a big wrapped present and you have all these expectations and hopes for what could be inside.

Some opinions…
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Sigh…well, I have to admit, I was leaning more towards the “Don’t do it, Disney!” side but I took a step back and thought about all the ways I could see this so okay, here goes my final opinion. I think the nay-sayers should concede, withdraw & support. I think that there are only two outcomes here for us 90s kids who include BMW as a part of our childhood world: 1) If Girl Meets World succeeds, great! I’d be so proud of Michael Jacobs for having another successful show. Translation: Nothing really to do with Boy Meets World, they are two separate shows. They just happen to have the same creator. The other outcome is 2) If Girl Meets World bombs, it really has zero negative effect on Boy Meets World because again, they are two separate shows. If GMW fails, we will just say “Boy Meets World” was better, giving our childhood a boost in cool factor. Think of all the shows that didn’t get revamped, remade or even remembered. They’re pretty much stored up in a locked up trunk of the sitcom library that sits in all of our 90s brains, keys lost and never found. We are lucky to possess the nostalgic memory of BMW and I proudly support Michael Jacobs in creating a new one for the new generation that awaits to possess such a memory of their own.

Honestly, one show really doesn’t have anything to do with the other. They could have marketed this as a completely new show and not mention BMW at all but I feel like they are giving BMW a shoutout, a nod, a well-deserved notable form of recognition if you must. So for me, that’s okay. In the world of creativity, you have to take risks. Like Austin Kleon says, “Steal like an artist.” In this case, perhaps Disney is only borrowing, but eventually, we will get it back and in the same condition, you will see.

My favorite episode is……
Eric Hollywood. If you haven’t seen it, the payoff is in the end. I love that broken wall.

Okay, this one too. The ironic part is that they said Eric made an ugly woman. HA!


  1. […] can’t be more ecstatic that Rider’s opinion and mine in regards to Girl Meets World are the same. This new show has a great foundation to build upon. […]

  2. Angel Said:

    Hey, haven’t wrote a comment to you in a long while. How are you?. And since your talking about GMW here, let me say that I’m super stoked about this show. I just hope that they give plenty of air-time to C & T and hopefully their family/friends. If anyone else from BMW signs on. Which I hope that they all do. Esp Eric & Shawn. And Cory’s parents, too. I don’t know how I’ll like the kids until I am unable to watch the show. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it turns out good. PS. I’m still waiting patiently for that new chapter to the Eric story. 🙂

    • Miss Ava Said:

      Haha! I’ve been thinking about that story and how crappy I wrote it since I wrote them in less than 30 min each. Didn’t think anyone cared whether I finished it or not. Have been honing my writing skills since then. Okay, I will work on finishing it. Actually got a lot of hits on that for some reason. Dunno why, it’s so elementary school writing, lol! And yes, I’m very excited about GMW and will definitely be hoping to see me some Will, hopefully. *crossing fingers*

      • Angel Said:

        I forgot when writing that^ comment to put it in my email alerts so that I would know when or if you replied back. I forgot to do that, so I didn’t know of your reply back to me until now. Hello. It wasn’t crappy. I thought it was and is good. And I did, I’ve been waiting, hoping you’d finally reveal who was pulling her hair!. I hope he’s in that show in some capacity. Even if it’s only for like a minute. Just to see him again and with Cory/Ben and everyone (If others from BMW guest-star) would be awesome!.

  3. […] admit, I wasn’t really sure how to feel about what the show would be like but I was still excited. Mainly because I was […]

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