I’m on to you @WillFriedle

Ok, I can’t hold it in any longer. Will Fuckin Friedle finally joined Twitter on 10/16/14 and he has been tweeting like a pro. Obviously, his first tweet (well technically his second if you count his tweet via Danielle Fishel’s twitter account where he said “This is Will. I will not be getting a twitter account but I appreciate all of the support. I love you Danielle!”) was epic. He wrote “TWITTAH! TWI-TWI-TWI-TWITTAH! #HeyEverybody #TheTwitterCall” and I’m 100% sure everyone read it like this: http://youtu.be/m-BB-Xk9xYY?t=32s.

So, let me just say that my first reaction was “HOLY. WHAT??!! NO!” And my second thought was “Wow, who taught him how to use Twitter? He said all the right things in all the right places.” (feelin myself) If you take a look at his timeline, you would never know that Will is so anti-social media as his BMW friends claim he is. I’m talkin about proper usage of hashtags, ThrowbackThursday pics, cleverly worded witty tweets, photo attachments, tweeting in character (i.e. PlaysWith Squirrels,) basically everything you’ve ever dreamed he would be like on Twitter, he is! Well, almost. The one thing I’m sure his fans wish he did was reply. If not to the fans, at least to his friends. At one point, he did do a tweet where it started with a user’s Twitter name but he put a period in front of it so all his followers could read it. That’s not the tweet of a novice.

This post is pretty pointless but I’m just expressing my suspicions that Will joining Twitter all of a sudden, attending a Comic Con, and shaving his beard off makes me think that this might all be a part of a marketing ploy for Girl Meets World. Yes, he has said that he will not be joining Girl Meets World but he also said he wouldn’t be getting a Twitter. I mean, if I were the marketing manager for Girl Meets World, I would have created a Twitter 101 class for Will and this is exactly what I believe happened. I don’t know much about marketing but I know what Will’s fans want and they wanted him on Twitter. So, if it were me, I would have made Will get on Twitter whether he wanted to or not and would just cross my fingers that he would eventually embrace it. In conclusion, I just wanted to list the things I would have done to have Will be the catalyst for Girl Meets World Season 2 promotions.

1. Shave. The beard has GOT to go. Especially now that he has a girlfriend. I don’t know how she could tolerate that rug burn.
2. Get in shape. He hasn’t been visible since 2000 and his fans’ image of him is frozen. No, we cannot let it go(See what I did there?). If he didn’t live up to that image, fans would have a fit, especially the girls. You know what I’m talkin about.
3. Attend big events. Show his face somewhere. ANYWHERE! New York Comic Con was a good place to start. Plus, I’m sure a trip to the East Coast and getting paid for it couldn’t hurt anyway. And surprising Danielle at her book signing in LA? WITH Rider? Nice move, Will. But I think this one wouldn’t have anything to do with marketing. Just being a friend. :0) I almost went to that book signing too! So sad I didn’t but I guess God doesn’t think I’m ready to meet him just yet.
4. Join Twitter. Ahh, the social media connections this app has made are amazing. Truly amazing. Makes the fans feel like they are talking directly to them, because you know, we have questions.
5. Eventually start replying to the fans. They need this, but first, they have to become starved for it, so wait awhile.
6. Start following the fans, especially ones with lots of followers. What better way to get non-fans aware of your Twitter existence than to get your fans to promote you? (Sample tweet: ZOMG, @WillFriedle is following me on Twitter. I don’t know why but #thud)
7. A current Feeny call on Vine via Twitter. Enuff said. And it ends with a shot of Mr. Feeny saying, “Mr. Matthews!”
8. Share a few photos of the Fab Four having a meal together, starting with the meal they shared about a year ago at Rider’s place where they reminisced about BMW.
9. Surprise everyone by attending a taping of Girl Meets World, but not actually be in the episode. The buzz on this will be crazy.
10. Become a guest star on a few episodes of Girl Meets World. It doesn’t take a genius to know this is what fans want.
11. Start a Behind-The-Scenes of GMW Youtube Channel where Will is the host. Who wouldn’t want to see some great candid footage? Fans love that shit.
12. Make a GMW website with a feature that allows fans to leave messages for the stars and claim that they sometimes read them and might reply.
13. Reddit AMA! That is a cult population that often goes viral but they must promote it on Twitter first. The Reddit community is not that hip to the GMW community. It’s there but not enough. The Fab Four will need to promote it together as a force to be reckoned with.

Okay, I’m sleepy. I can’t think anymore. These past few months have been plentiful and I have seen a lot of Will photos that I have not shared, mainly because I’m still dying to meet him myself. Hopefully someday. Gotta cross that item off the bucket list! Good night!

UPDATE: 11/7/14 – Will did his first reply! It was to @BrandSanderson, a novelist it seems he loves. Well, at least we now know that he knows how to @reply someone. :0)

UPDATE: 11/21/14 – ZOMG, number 9 on my list totally just happened this week! Will attended a GMW taping! Will attends GMW taping

UPDATE: 12/3/14 – WTH?!!! number 10 on my list has just come true!! Will is going to be on an episode of Girl Meets World! Mind. Blown. Will_Friedle_GMW_Announcement GMW_Script

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