Will Friedle Rulz

For anyone who has been following this lonely blog knows I have been wanting to meet Will Friedle for the last 4 years. I went to convention after convention, event after event, reading articles, news, creating google alerts, searching through Twitter trying to find any public appearances he might be at so that I could meet this amazing man. I’m happy to announce that I finally got that chance and it was a better experience than I could have ever hoped for.

I initially had tickets for the following week of when he was going to be taping but somehow, tickets for his taping became available and for some reason, I randomly checked for tickets at the right time and BOOYAH!! I got the golden ticket!! Let me tell you, when I was entering my info, my hands were trembling, my heart was pounding, my head was going numb! It was a pure panic disco going through my body. It was like the SDCC ticket buying experience and if you’ve never gone through that, well then considered yourself not a geek. You have been spared.

Anyway, after obtaining the tickets, I was off. Yes, I admit it, I was packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice. I left right after work and arrived at my friend’s doorstep in the middle of the night. At one point, I thought I wasn’t going to make it there alive due to some dense fog, none I have ever experienced. Just look at my depth of vision!


I know. Fucking scary! I was going 42 MPH in a 70 MPH zone. I was so afraid of hitting an animal. I had a conversation with God and I said, “Wait! Don’t let me die! I haven’t met Will Friedle yet! I earned this, man!” So thankful to have gotten out of there alive. Anyway, I barely slept. I slept maybe 4-5 hours. My friend and I got breakfast, got ice cream (our favorite pastime) and got in line around 1:30 pm. Having to stand there for another 2.5 hours was going to be agony but this ain’t my first rodeo so I knew what to expect. Around 3:30 pm, they finally started checking us in. We got inside the studio around 4 pm and they showed us the “Home For The Holidays” episode with Rider Strong, Cory’s parents and his brother Josh. That was a great episode. I wish I could have seen that taping. Rider is a really nice guy.

So after showing the episode, Michael Jacobs started introducing all the principal cast members for today’s episode. Michael said that he got a call from this gentleman after Season 1 had finished taping and he said, “I’m ready.” Of course, that gentleman, the last person to be introduced was Will Friedle and I kid you not, the crowd erupted. We stood up and screamed and yelled, I was cheering like I won the lottery! Even after the applause and they were preparing to begin taping, all the people around me, including me, were trembling. I think I speak for them as well when I say that I could not believe I just saw the elusive Will Fuckin’ Friedle in the flesh. All the chatter amongst ourselves mainly contained stage whispered words such as “OMG,” “ERIC!”, “I’m freaking out!”, and “I can’t believe that just happened!!” At this point, if a tornado hit us and we all died, I would have died happy. Seeing him there in the same room with me was already so grand. I have this theory that when they first began taping Season 1, maybe Will felt a little self-conscious about appearing on the show. I think he was a little chubbier than he used to be so maybe he didn’t want to appear that way for his first GMW guest spot. I think he spent this whole time cleaning himself up, working out and turning back time just for us, just to look exactly the way he did back in 2000. Personally, I wouldn’t have cared but I am a self-conscious person as well so I completely understand.

Then the taping began and OMG, if you’ve only HEARD the stories about Will being funny, you don’t know the level of hilarity this guy can hit. Seeing him work, he was so impressive. His comedic choices in every take floored me, even in the little pick ups they did were just hilarious from take to take. I watched every Will scene with my jaw dropped. I felt so lucky, incredibly lucky to have witnessed his talent in action. It was beyond what I could possibly ever imagine. He really should return to onscreen acting, or at least some type of comedy route. I can see him in the Hangover movie, haha! OH! And that left eyebrow of his. Drives me nuts!! I love how he can raise it independently of the other. I’ve practiced doing that. I think I got it down but I can’t quite get it as high as he can.

Oh, I’ve lost track. So as I was saying, the taping was amazing and I can’t wait for Boy Meets World fans to see this episode. I did notice some continuity issues and I wanted to shout out to Will and say “You used your left hand in the wide shot!” during the pick up shots but I’m not in charge of continuity so they’ll have to leave it up to the editors. I know there are haters out there who watched one episode and compare it to the whole Boy Meets World series and say that it can’t compare and I laugh in their faces. They obviously don’t remember how similarly ridiculous Boy Meets World was when it first started. Will wasn’t even funny, he was normal. Boring normal. They aren’t even giving the show a chance to grow and all they can do is be negative and grumble about it being on the Disney Channel. Well I think that’s BULLSHIT! If you’re going to be some judgmental asshole who thinks Girl Meets World should start to tackle serious issues from the very beginning, then you are an idiot. I wouldn’t want you as a fellow fan. It’s a sitcom, as in situational comedy. It’s not a soap opera or a PSA. I’ve watched every Girl Meets World episode so far and yes, there are hits & misses but Boy Meets World, believe it or not, had hits & misses too! Your adamant attachment of Boy Meets World to your childhood is causing you to become narrow-minded and dismissive about the inevitable evolution of Girl Meets World which you will never see until it’s too late to chime in. It’s a baby right now, don’t kill it just because it’s not acting like its big brother from the get go. Let it grow.

Whoa, so…I digress. The point of my post got away from me there. So near the end of the taping, the host asked if we would like to meet the cast. Well duh. Yes, yes, YES!! Of course we did! He said he would try to arrange that and he split our group in half and told us to line up in a single file in the aisle and we can meet them. I didn’t trust that at all because there were only a few of them and there were like 200 of us. How is this possible? Regardless, my friend and I got in the messy line but the line would not move and all eyes were on Will. I can hear the people talking behind me, complaining that the line wasn’t moving and Will wasn’t greeting anyone. However, once Will started moving towards the audience and people in the front began asking him for pics, the complaints got even louder because Will was on the other side from us. After patiently waiting in the line and not being able to really go up or down the aisle, I finally told myself, “Ava, you can’t wait around for things to be handed to you. If you want something, you’re gonna have to go and get it.” I went around to the edge of the line, hopped over to the middle, climbed down the chairs and landed right in front of Will. When he became available, I asked him for a photo and I got to take a selfie with him!

Will Friedle meets Miss Ava

I was so excited and happy that I finally got to meet him after all this time, after all those moments when I felt like it was hopeless and it might never happen. It was amazing. He asked me what my name was and I said, “Ava.” Then he said, “Ava? You’re not the one who blogs about me, are you?” STOP. RIGHT. THERE. OMFGWHAT?


Somehow, I manage to reply and say yes and he gave me the biggest hug! I felt like I was hugging an old friend I hadn’t seen in a long time; Or a long lost cousin I never knew about who hit me up on Facebook; Or a long distance boyfriend that I truly missed and couldn’t wait to take home and bang. Okay, maybe more like the latter. I mean, I literally wanted to cry though. I don’t really know how to explain it but something about when a celebrity you wholly and completely admire recognizes you or acknowledges you somehow, it makes you feel exceedingly grateful and thrilled. It’s kind of like when I first met Rider Strong which was at the Sonoma Film Festival in 2011 and he told me I was the most supportive tweeter he knew for their film, “The Dungeon Master” which by the way, is AWESOME. Or like when Ben Savage saw a tweet I wrote and invited me to see a closed taping of Girl Meets Friendship out of nowhere. Or like the time Jason Marsden was so sweet to invite me to his Locker 13 film premiere earlier this year and I totally went! I really enjoyed that film. While those experiences were all amazing, nothing could beat the mixture of shock, astonishment, gratitude and euphoria I felt when Will asked me that question. Will said I didn’t have to go to all those conventions but I’m still glad I went. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had all those other experiences with the other BMW cast members I got to meet.


Top Three Moments from that taping:
3. When we overheard Will say to Ben, “I miss you, man.”
2. Hearing the Feeny Call in person
1. Hugging Will Friedle

If I’m able to catch his next taping, I have just the thing for him to sign. I’m not an autograph person but having him sign this would be hilarious. Hopefully he announces when his next taping will be. In afterthought, I felt super embarrassed because I have written some pretty questionable blogs about him that I didn’t think he would ever see but maybe he did, I don’t know. Oh gawd, why did I write that? Anyway, we exchanged a few more words which I shall keep private but this experience was most definitely the best one I’ve ever had, even better than New Kids. #sorrynotsorry I can die happy now. Thank you, Will Friedle! I love you. I loved you then, I love you now. I love you scruffy. I love you clean. I love you fat. I love you skinny. I love you unconditionally. Feel free to DM me.

Sidenote: You know what’s hella weird though? Will was wearing a black & blue plaid shirt, just like he wore in my “Last Night” dream. Weird, right??!!


  1. Max Said:

    youve probably already seen this but heres that moment you wrote about! sadly the video doesnt catch everything but it does at the beginning. I’m a huge Eric/Will fan as well! hes my favorite character of all time!


    • Miss Ava Said:

      Hello Max, yes I did see it but THANK YOU for sending it to me! I really appreciate it! I’m a huge Will fan too!

  2. […] so I didn’t have that “Omg, I’m gonna die out here” feeling that I did that first time. Luckily, all my friends are aware of my Will Friedle fanaticism so I just go to LA and stay with […]

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