Dear Will Friedle’s MUA

Hello, hi, how ya doin? Great! I am writing to you today because I am sure you will be blessed with the daunting(ha!) task of doing Will Friedle’s make up sometime in the near future when he has to tape for Girl Meets World again. First of all, how exciting is that?! If I were you, I’d have to do a full on workout and drink a gallon of water before he shows up in order to cool my nerves and calm me the fuck down. Namaste… And when he shows up and sits in that chair and says “Do me,” it is at that exact moment that you are treading the valleys of my (sub)conscious fantasies and hold in your hands, my dream job. Just the thought of touching his face gives me goosebumps in my hair follicles. I often wonder what is going through your mind. In my mind, I’d think, “Well, he doesn’t need much but I’m just going to pretend he needs a lot because spending time with such a rare & elusive mortal is precious time well spent.”

However, there has been something brewing in my mind lately. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Will Friedle has one feature that can convey his emotions to you across the room without raising an arm, without pointing a finger, without saying a word; that eyebrow though. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed because it is the single most wicked sexy feature on his face that can imprison your melting soul to his stare. Will Friedle is an eyebrow actor and dognabbit, he’s a fuckin GOOD one. Let’s take a look:





Arch Nemesis

You get the point. So back in the day, when Will played Eric Matthews to the point of perfection via eyebrow, you may notice how dark his facial caterpillars were. They were deep, asymmetrical, bushy yet trim. And over the years (and this happens to everyone so no blame game on anyone,) eyebrows tend to thin out, fade, almost disappear. I assume you know this but for anyone who doesn’t, if you look online, the point at which your eyebrow should end would be at the imaginary point where a line would pass the eyebrow if it were to start at the side of your nose, pass the outer corner of your eye, and hit the eyebrow upon continuation as illustrated in the photo below of the far right line:


Let’s see how that looks on Will in the 90s.


Mmmm…yummy. It’s nice and dark, not bushy, not sparse, just the right amount of fur. Let’s see how that looks on Will in the now.


Clearly, it was overlooked at his taping but I don’t blame you as I would forget my name if it was me who had to pretend like I could make him any more beautiful. Over the years, as all our bodies age, hair starts to come off and sometimes, that affects the eyebrows. All I’m saying is that maybe perhaps you could do your movie magic makeup and turn back some time by drawing in his eyebrows just a little bit? Just enough so that even from across a basketball court, I would be able to tell which team he is rooting for from coast to coast.

Please don’t take this as an insult as it was not written with malice, ill will nor sarcasm. I just would love to be able to see those signature facial expressions again that captured my 16-yr-old heart & soul in 1993. Not that I’m the type of shallow person that judges people by their looks. I love Will no matter what he looks like. I just would love to see how them caterpillars would look today. You have the power and I envy you. Thank you for listening to my ramblings. I am eternally grateful.


Ava :0D

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