Archive for December 3, 2016

Dream Gig

I’m so completely excited for tonight. My sketch comedy troupe is opening for Kevin Camia, my favorite standup comedian. This is my dream gig, seriously. I’ve always wanted to perform in the same space as Kevin and I’m excited to be able to do that tonight!

On another note, a long time ago, one of our dreams was to get into SF Sketchfest and this year, we made it! It is such an incredible feeling to be a part of such a huge festival! I’ve been attending SF Sketchfest for at least 10 years now. Never thought I would ever be in it. I’ve seen so many amazing actors, comedians & performers there including Kids Ih The Hall, John Cho, Rider Strong, Robin Williams, Michael Ian Black, Thomas Lennon, and the list goes on. Sigh, I wish I could write for longer but I need to get my shit together. Can’t wait for tonight!