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Girl Meets World Canceled

I can’t even put into words how disappointed I am with Disney for canceling Girl Meets World. It is a really great show and it has really great role models on here which frankly, the world really needs right now. I know I haven’t really been keeping up with GMW as much as the younger fans who are completely destroyed right now but that’s what’s supposed to happen. I had my Boy Meets World and now they have their Girl Meets World. I’ve been trawling the internet on Girl Meets World articles and reading all the comments and I feel completely helpless for these young fans who didn’t get to have their show continue through their childhood like I did. I was always one of those that watched the latest episode way after the fact. I don’t own a TV so it’s a little more difficult for me.

The best thing about this show was that it produced positive role models for young kids today and it didn’t “kardashianize” anyone to make them act like someone they’re not. It was relatable, entertaining, humorous and fun to watch. I don’t want to believe that this is truly the end of Girl Meets World. I want to believe that the public outcry and fan reaction is enough to get Disney to give it a second thought. Or if anything, it would be great if Netflix would pick it up and they could tackle topics they couldn’t before when they were on Disney.

Anyway, I guess all I can do right now besides sign petitions, tweet at Netflix & Disney Channel and share my dismay on articles is enjoy the last three episodes coming up in January for the next three Fridays. :0(