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Haven’t been home for over a week now, just floating around to different homes of friends. My brother is acting as a liaison between my mother and I. How did our relationship get reduced to this? Now all of a sudden, he said she told him she has cancer. The sad part is that I don’t believe her. I know how my mother operates and when she wants her way, she uses sympathy. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m a skeptic. Or maybe I’m just a cold-hearted daughter. Whatever I am, I know I’m right in reporting it to the police. Are there other points of views I’m not seeing? Should I just let this go & get on with my life? They never even served the restraining order because they couldn’t get into the building. Great.

Perhaps today I will give my mother a call. She left me a message & apologized…but for what? For choosing him over me? For letting him get away with something like this? For not acting like a mother who will protect her children at all costs? I never asked her to choose, I just asked her to help me get justice. Apparently, that’s too much to ask for.


Finally told my mother, my aunt & my grandmother about the incident. Turns out, my mother was informed about it on Wednesday, but she never called me to talk to me about it. She did not do anything to help me, as if it never happened as long as she never spoke to me. Before I went to talk to her, I talked to the police officer & he asked me what did I think my mom would say. I said that I didn’t think she would support me & would just ask me to let it go.

I was right.

He told her that he was just testing out the camera because someone had told him it works in humid conditions. He told her he forgot to remove it from the bathroom. I can’t believe my mother bought that story. Or rather, I can’t believe she chose to believe him over me. She seems to think it was no big deal, no harm done, nothing to get upset over because he already apologized in a text message.

I’ve never yelled at my mother before. I’ve never had a reason to. My grandmother & my mother both begged & pleaded with me to let it go because he had helped out family in the past–but I don’t live in the past, I live in the present. It’s cliche but like they say, trust takes years to build and seconds to shatter. I wanted to trust that my mother would stand behind me and make sure I get the justice I deserved. I wanted to trust that things were going to be ok. I wanted to know that I can always count on her for anything. I see now that I cannot look up to her for strength. I cannot turn to her for help. I cannot rely on her to choose me over a stranger.

So while he is sleeping soundly in his own bed, I am forced to float around on the generosity of others. As grateful as I am that my circle of support is vast & unchallenged, I would still like to go home and sleep on my own pillow, watch my own television, type on my own computer. They continually ask me to forgive him. Maybe someday, I will be able to forgive him, but it seems the lines between forgiveness & consequences are blurred for my mother & my grandmother. Just because I forgive him won’t mean that I don’t expect him to pay for his actions.

I’ve never done so much emotional eating as I have the past 5 days. All that seems to feed my soul is food & Will Friedle videos. Got my Boy Meets World DVDs today and it’s the only thing putting a smile on my face. Sigh…

I’ve never fully realized how weak my mother’s soul is. I shall pray for her and hope that one day, she will forgive me for being stronger than her.


I decided to go to the police that night. Got the incident documented & the police took the camera. The policeman called me a “victim of crime.” I’ve been called many things but never a victim. It hit home. I am feeling a whirlwind of emotions. Could not concentrate at work yesterday. Finally, I decided to file a restraining order & I went to do just that today. I took half the day off work just to do this. Now who’s going to pay me for my work loss?

I haven’t even been home since the incident. I am afraid he will be there. Who knows where else there is a camera streaming? Who knows how long this has been going on? Does he think texting me a lame apology is going to right his wrongs? I am emotionally distressed. Every time I see a blue minivan, I freak out that it might be him. 

The restraining order does not say he has to stay so-and-so yards away from me, just that he cannot hit me, follow me, block me, contact me, try to find out my addresses, numbers, etc. How awkward is this, he can live with me but I have a restraining order against him? 

Anyway, my hearing is in 3 weeks. Right now, I have the daunting task of telling my mother. She’s going to be so sad.


I shower every morning before I go to work. Today, I noticed a bulk toothpaste box in the shower with a lttle hole cut out of it. On top of the box was a washcloth. Don’t know how long it has been there. I was curious so I picked it up to look at the hole. Lo and behold, I saw that it was a camera. Now, I’ve watched enough Law & Order: SVU to know that this is illegal. I put the box to the side, facing the wall, and finished my showering. When I was done, I was going to leave but I decided to take the camera with me. I opened the box. There were 2 toothpastes tubes still inside, a divider, the camera, and a pair of black Giordano men’s underwear stuffed behind the camera. I removed the underwear, grabbed the camera and saw that it was on. I pressed the red button but I don’t know if it was recording in the first place. I wasn’t able to play it back.

I’ve never experienced anything like this and frankly, I’m a bit distraught. I don’t know what to do because I don’t want to call the police. I think I know who the camera belongs to. Don’t think I was the target for the camera but still, it’s a violation of privacy. Now I just need to figure what next steps to take. My life will certainly never be the same.