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Audition Experience

Went to an audition yesterday. My first in 4 years. Well actually, my 1st where I had to perform a monologue. Others I did were merely cold reads. There were other actors in the waiting room. Some I knew, some I didn’t. I had to complete a form and attach my headshot & artist resumé to it. While waiting, I helped a friend by listening to her monologue and vice versa. That gave good practice for me to do it in front of another person before going up in front of the directors.

I did a monologue from “Sliding Doors” written by Peter Howitt. I think it went well. There were 6 directors in the room plus me. I’ve practiced this monologue over and over in my head and in my car more times than I can count, but nothing could have prepared me for the unexpected anxiety, heart palpitations, and trembling hands I experienced when I finally got there. The best thing I could do was to act like it was all good, like nothing was bothering me, like I got this. Hopefully, they enjoyed my performance. Now that I think about it, there were so many other ways I could’ve done my monologue when I was asked to do it again in a different way. They just want to know that I can be directed, as I was told by one of my acting coaches, Anthem Salgado. No one wants to work with an actor who doesn’t listen, right? I had never done my monologue faster than I normally do but that’s what I ended up doing and I was surprised I didn’t fumble on any of the lines. I didn’t know how well I had memorized that monologue.

I was asked about the things I had written on my artist resume. They asked me about doing standup comedy, doing accents, what types of characters I’m drawn to doing, and what is my availability like. At one point, I began to feel confident and comfortable with the people in the room. Perhaps that was why I was able to spew out the monologue as fast as I did. I was more at ease and relaxed. If I could give myself any advice before walking into that room, it would be to A) recite the monologue every day the way that you want to perform it, B) breathe, and C) be confident that your performance is the best that you are doing. Oh and D) drink water before going in, as told by Anthem. That tip really helped because I got dry mouth.

I guess if anyone wants me in their play, they will be calling people back sometime within this week, perhaps even today. Here is the monologue I did, written the way I said it, utilizing emoticons and punctuation. It’s not the exact monologue but it’s how I wanted to do it.

Don’t you KNOW, Gerry? Don’t you KNOW what I’m trying to do? I’m TRYing to be your GIRLfriend, Gerry!! I’m TRYing to WIN YOU BACK! It’s fairly simple…I’m standing on the platform at LIMBO Central with my heart, and soul, PACKED in my suitcase waiting for the Gerry FUCKIN’ exPRESS to roll in and tell me that my TICKET is still VALID! That I may REBOARD the TRAIN! }:0/ Onlythestationannouncerkeepscomingon and telling me that my train’s been delayed as the DRIVER has suffered a major PANIC ATTACK in Indecision city. ‘We suggest, you take, the bus.’ THAT’S what I’m trying to DO, you CRIPPLE!!! >:0( Except…it’s quite clear, that that’s never going to happen…is it Gerry?……No reply. Perfect. So I…I’m not waiting anymore, Gerry. I’m cashing in my ticket….I’m TAKING that BUS. Oh god…I tell my friends ‘Never go back.’ Lookatme. I must be crazy! :0D Don’t call me for awhile, Gerry. Yknowhat? No! Don’t call me at ALL. EVER. It’s OVER…AGAIN!

To Write Or Not To Rewrite

I’m getting nervous for Wordy Word tomorrow…which is weird because it’s not like it’s a real show or anything. It’s just that I really should be completing my 3rd draft when in fact, I’m already on the 5th or 6th draft because every time I go through my monologue, I change things. And every time I start to read it, I start getting choked up over it. When did I become so emo? Maybe I’ll try to get it on video or something so that I can see myself. I might even upload it here to keep as record.

At what point do you stop rewriting your draft? Does it ever become perfect? Will I ever be completely satisfied with it? Probably not. My take on things is that there is always room for improvement, which is why I have no problem acceptiing criticism. I just can’t tell when I need to stop changing things and when I need to rewrite my draft. I guess that’s why Wordy Word is so good for the artistic soul. It will be good to get feedback from the audience. As great as it is to get criticism from the crowd, I’m not sure when I will stop criticising myself.

Successful Photoshoot

Photoshoot was a success!! I think. It lasted from 8:30 AM and ended around 3 PM. I had a great time. The photographers were very professional and made us all feel very at ease. We had two photographers and we would switch off to complete the shoot within our restricted space & time limits. There were two hair/makeup artists and they both did a fantastic job on all of us. I had a blast working with them. We also brought in a videographer to tape the shoot and do interviews for a promo and I hope the things I said were okay. Just thinking about the edit is making me anxious.

I just love the artist world and it’s sad that whenever budget cuts come rolling around, art is one of the first on the list to get cut. They don’t see how art contributes in shaping one’s future, building self-esteem, giving confidence, exploring one’s capabilities, teaching discipline, and forming useful skills that are applicable in all aspects of life including career, school, and in the home. Ok, tangent! Just a random rant.

Anyway, I was initially going to post some of the candids I took with my phone but then I realized it’s probably better to post them along with the actual photos instead, whenever we get to see the proofs. I’m very excited about all of this!

Right now, I’m trying to help in figuring out a website promo and the video promo. I have never ever done anything like this and it’s all so refreshing, I find. Learning so many things from my friends and getting opportunities to get creative is really feeding my hungry artistic soul and I am ever grateful.

No classes this week for spring break and I’m excited about Wordy Word on Wednesday. Better get crackin’ on my monologue! Here’s a quick pic of me at the photoshoot. The theme was the masculine look. Do I look masculine enough? *shrug*

Adventures of a 6B Pencil

I’m really enjoying my Freehand Drawing class. I’m amazed at what I’m learning as a first time sketching student. My teacher is in a wheelchair and he is so passionate about drawing. He’s got so many stories to tell & he’s such a comedian. He’s taught me a lot about drawing, things I never knew. A lot of tips & tricks that I’ve never heard of before. For example, a regular person is usually seven heads long while a fashion model is about 9 heads long. My cousin disagrees and says that superheroes are 9 heads long while fashion models are 7.5 heads long. Either way, it’s more than 7 heads. I guess when I decide to venture into drawing lots of fashion models and superheroes, I’ll climb that mountain then and make a solid decision.

Here’s a sample of some of the things I’ve been doodling. It’s not the best but gimme a break, I’ve never done this before! I think I’ll give my artwork dramatic names like real artists do, just for fun.


Quivering Hug

She’s Not Playing

Sleeping in Class

Furniture Testing at IKEA

The Future In My Hand


And lastly, my favorite:


From top left(clockwise): Sissy, Duncan, Terry McGinnis, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Snoopy, Ron Stoppable, Honey, Keebler Elf, Cartman.

Just a note on Childhood, I drew that one during my Boy Meets World marathon. That should explain why Ron Stoppable & Terry McGinnis are there. ;0)

Truth in Blog

I tried all weekend to let my recent event inspire me to write a piece for the book. However, the more I thought about how a short story is constructed, the less I wanted to complete my piece. All I’ve written so far is what happened–no changing scenes, no climaxes, just what exactly happened. That does not make for a good read. I never really thought about how hard this would be to put into story form. I think by the time I finish my piece, the story will be inspired by the event, but the truth will remain here, as a story is just that–a story. My truth had no resolution so I had to write & rewrite my story until my pen ran out of ink.

Yes, I said ink. I like to write my stories on paper. That way, my initial thoughts cannot escape through the delete button. Initial drafts can be pretty lousy but sometimes, an initial sentence might come sneaking back into actually being clever so I keep it safe in a moleskin book. I come up with my most brilliant ideas & thoughts in th shower, believe it or not. Maybe they should come up with a blackboard with water-resistant markers that I can use in the shower so I can transfer it onto paper later. Yah, I know that idea will never sell so I’ll just have to learn to retain. Someday, I will write an amazing screenplay and if I ever get asked where I came up with the idea, I want my answer to be, “In the shower.”

I signed up for a screenwriting class this semester just in case someone else had something else to teach me. It starts tonight. My mom always asks me why I keep going back to school. A professor once taught me, “If you stop learning, you stop living.” If there’s any lesson of value that resonated with me from going to school all those years, that was it. Years of complaining how badly I wanted to get out of school only left me pining to get back in–so here I am, taking 3 classes, working a full time job, and trying to redesign my life.

The classes I signed up for are 1)Screenwriting, 2)Website Development, and 3)Drawing. I figured if I’m going to admit that I’m an inner artist, I might as well get some training to back myself up. I can’t become an artist if I don’t learn my craft. I’ve always wondered how artists relegate themselves into the type of lifestyle where it seems like all they do is work on their craft. What about money? How do they pay bills or buy art materials or even eat? I’m truly baffled as I have a full time job and I don’t spend all my time on my craft & I’m struggling like a drowning horse in a flash flood.

Anyway, I have to go to class and figure out how I’m going to get this story out from my brain to my book.

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