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Audition Experience

Went to an audition yesterday. My first in 4 years. Well actually, my 1st where I had to perform a monologue. Others I did were merely cold reads. There were other actors in the waiting room. Some I knew, some I didn’t. I had to complete a form and attach my headshot & artist resumé to it. While waiting, I helped a friend by listening to her monologue and vice versa. That gave good practice for me to do it in front of another person before going up in front of the directors.

I did a monologue from “Sliding Doors” written by Peter Howitt. I think it went well. There were 6 directors in the room plus me. I’ve practiced this monologue over and over in my head and in my car more times than I can count, but nothing could have prepared me for the unexpected anxiety, heart palpitations, and trembling hands I experienced when I finally got there. The best thing I could do was to act like it was all good, like nothing was bothering me, like I got this. Hopefully, they enjoyed my performance. Now that I think about it, there were so many other ways I could’ve done my monologue when I was asked to do it again in a different way. They just want to know that I can be directed, as I was told by one of my acting coaches, Anthem Salgado. No one wants to work with an actor who doesn’t listen, right? I had never done my monologue faster than I normally do but that’s what I ended up doing and I was surprised I didn’t fumble on any of the lines. I didn’t know how well I had memorized that monologue.

I was asked about the things I had written on my artist resume. They asked me about doing standup comedy, doing accents, what types of characters I’m drawn to doing, and what is my availability like. At one point, I began to feel confident and comfortable with the people in the room. Perhaps that was why I was able to spew out the monologue as fast as I did. I was more at ease and relaxed. If I could give myself any advice before walking into that room, it would be to A) recite the monologue every day the way that you want to perform it, B) breathe, and C) be confident that your performance is the best that you are doing. Oh and D) drink water before going in, as told by Anthem. That tip really helped because I got dry mouth.

I guess if anyone wants me in their play, they will be calling people back sometime within this week, perhaps even today. Here is the monologue I did, written the way I said it, utilizing emoticons and punctuation. It’s not the exact monologue but it’s how I wanted to do it.

Don’t you KNOW, Gerry? Don’t you KNOW what I’m trying to do? I’m TRYing to be your GIRLfriend, Gerry!! I’m TRYing to WIN YOU BACK! It’s fairly simple…I’m standing on the platform at LIMBO Central with my heart, and soul, PACKED in my suitcase waiting for the Gerry FUCKIN’ exPRESS to roll in and tell me that my TICKET is still VALID! That I may REBOARD the TRAIN! }:0/ Onlythestationannouncerkeepscomingon and telling me that my train’s been delayed as the DRIVER has suffered a major PANIC ATTACK in Indecision city. ‘We suggest, you take, the bus.’ THAT’S what I’m trying to DO, you CRIPPLE!!! >:0( Except…it’s quite clear, that that’s never going to happen…is it Gerry?……No reply. Perfect. So I…I’m not waiting anymore, Gerry. I’m cashing in my ticket….I’m TAKING that BUS. Oh god…I tell my friends ‘Never go back.’ Lookatme. I must be crazy! :0D Don’t call me for awhile, Gerry. Yknowhat? No! Don’t call me at ALL. EVER. It’s OVER…AGAIN!