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Baseball from the Luxury Suite

I got the chance to go to the SF Giants vs. Padres game last night and sit in a luxury suite! Unfortunately, I care exactly zero for baseball. I mean, yes it was exciting, especially when they win. And yes, it was very cool to see what it’s like in the luxury suite. However, I only went because my BFF LOVES the Giants and I knew she would want to go so I brought her as my guest.

The perks included the suite, free internet, shaded seats, Gucci parking, and free food…busted. You know I only went for the free food. They gave us mac n cheese, buffalo wings, Italian sandwiches, hot dogs, Cracker Jacks, popcorn, beer, soda, water, fresh fruit, and warm chocolate chip cookies. Yes, it was a bit heavenly. We also got to take some professional green screen pictures that were only available on the Suite level. Pretty awesome experience! Although, I am sad that I missed out on seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt who had a show the same night at the Regency Ballroom. Oh well, next time, Joe!

Me & Cheryl at game
Cheryl & Ava

baseball snacks
hot dogs

Our view
luxury suite view

luxury suite view

Time to eat!
dinner time

Our Suite
Our suite

In Our Seats
In our seats

Tim Lincecum Pitching
Tim Lincecum pitching

Giants Won. 2-1

Official Fan Photo
Suite Level Giants pic