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Buffet Spree

Yes, I ate this crap last night. Stop judging me.

I Say Everyday


and I’m going to kick start it by going to a buffet tonight!

Yah, I’m going to lose in this battle.

Forthcoming photos after dinner…

Stuff it, buffet

Okay, I have been reading health magazines all my life.. I know virtually EVERYTHING there is to know about dieting, health, fitness, etc. So WHY am I still overweight? Why don’t I just DO it already?? Last night, I hate to admit it but I indulged in some serious Korean BBQ buffet. It was sooooo delicious. How I felt afterwards was not so yummy. I wanted to keel over & pass out in the driver’s seat.

What is it with me & buffets? So my bff & I have decided to make a pact: no buffets for at least 2 months!! Okay, I lied. No buffets for 2 months except once. You have a free pass to use wisely so I have to use it VERY wisely. The thought of being able to eat whatever I want without my bill going higher than it already is is so appealing to me. I don’t usually think in terms of getting the bang for my buck but I do think in terms of wanting to taste that extreme delicious food without having to worry how much I will have to pay for it later.

Buffets: bad
Save money: good
No money: even Steven

P.S. Who the hell is this Steven anyway?