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Will Friedle as Thundercats’ Lion-O!!

Whew!! I’m so relieved to hear that Will Friedle is involved in a project, per an MTV Interview with Kevin Michael Richardson. I was beginning to get sad, thinking he officially retired from show business altogether. That would have killed me to see this big bundle of mad talent go to waste. They say it’s going to be on Cartoon Network sometime in the fall…or next year’s fall? Who knows, but I’ll definitely be on top of this. I hope there won’t be any retractions involved, but I can pretty much believe 110% that Kevin is talking about THE Will Friedle and not throwing out random names. I’m just ridiculously happy for him. :0)

So just to recap, it’s Kevin Michael Richardson as Panthro, Will Friedle as Lion-O, Emmanuelle Chriqui as Cheetara, Larry Kenney as Claudus, and Matthew Mercer as Tygra.

Check out the trailer from Cartoon Network!

Adventures of a 6B Pencil

I’m really enjoying my Freehand Drawing class. I’m amazed at what I’m learning as a first time sketching student. My teacher is in a wheelchair and he is so passionate about drawing. He’s got so many stories to tell & he’s such a comedian. He’s taught me a lot about drawing, things I never knew. A lot of tips & tricks that I’ve never heard of before. For example, a regular person is usually seven heads long while a fashion model is about 9 heads long. My cousin disagrees and says that superheroes are 9 heads long while fashion models are 7.5 heads long. Either way, it’s more than 7 heads. I guess when I decide to venture into drawing lots of fashion models and superheroes, I’ll climb that mountain then and make a solid decision.

Here’s a sample of some of the things I’ve been doodling. It’s not the best but gimme a break, I’ve never done this before! I think I’ll give my artwork dramatic names like real artists do, just for fun.


Quivering Hug

She’s Not Playing

Sleeping in Class

Furniture Testing at IKEA

The Future In My Hand


And lastly, my favorite:


From top left(clockwise): Sissy, Duncan, Terry McGinnis, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Snoopy, Ron Stoppable, Honey, Keebler Elf, Cartman.

Just a note on Childhood, I drew that one during my Boy Meets World marathon. That should explain why Ron Stoppable & Terry McGinnis are there. ;0)